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Bus to and from Tempe, AZ

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Things to do in Tempe, AZ

Buildings in Tempe Arizona

About Tempe

Tempe is a quirky urban oasis located in the heart of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Home to Arizona State University, the surrounding town offers an exciting nightlife and a plenty of outdoor recreation. After your bus trip, you’ll be ready to stretch your legs and take the short hike up Hayden Butte, more commonly known as ‘A’ mountain due to the 60-foot-tall ’A‘ on the side of the mountain to represent ASU. From the peak, you will can enjoy breath-taking views of Tempe and the surrounding desert. Also keep an eye out for some of the 500 Native American petroglyphs found on the mountain. Other popular hiking destinations near Tempe are Camelback Mountain and South Mountain Park.

If you’re looking for a night on the town, the options in Tempe are endless! Head down to Mill Avenue and stop into the many restaurants, bars, microbreweries or entertainment venues. Or, see a show at ASU Gammage, where Broadway classics like Wicked, Book of Mormon, Les Misérables, the Color Purple and many more have been performed. Catch a performance at the Tempe Center for the Arts, where comedy shows, open mic nights and small productions are popular. 

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Quick information about Tempe, AZ

Bus ticket from $9.99
Number of cities reachable directly from Tempe, AZ 6
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