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Inexpensive bus trips to Croatia 

Even if you have already decided on Croatia as the vacation destination for your next bus trip, there are still many decisions to make: Do you want to spend your vacation on the sunny Adriatic coast and beaches awarded with the "Blue Flag", expand your knowledge of cultural heritage in Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir and many other historic Croatian cities, or are you lacing up your hiking boots and searching for the perfect vantage point in the 8 national parks and 11 nature parks? Or do you want to experience a little of everything during your bus trip to Croatia?

That is not a problem with FlixBus, travel comfortably and affordably to Croatia.

The must-see spots in Croatia

1. Dubrovnik historical center

Dubrovnik historical center

Between Game of Thrones and Star Wars (SPOILER ALERT)

This port city near the southern tip of Croatia is often called the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and is a popular vacation spot in the region. The beauty of Dubrovnik has also been used many times by Hollywood studios in recent years. Regular recording work for the series hit Game of Thrones is done in the historical center, and the streets and squares of Dubronik provided the scenery for the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga that releases in 2017.

In particular, the popularity of Game of Thrones has led to the establishment of numerous thematic guided tours in Dubrovnik today.  But fans of the series will be able to immediately recognize many of the shooting locations in the historical center on their own. Even the entrance to the city, the Pile Gate, was the setting for many scenes in the series, including the uprising against King Joffrey. The actors also often strolled along the city walls. You can do the same while remembering at Minčeta Tower how Daenerys looked for her dragons there. Since the second season, Fort Lovrijenac has served as the location for the Red Keep in King's Landing, and the surrounding bay was used as the set for the epic Battle of Blackwater at the end of the same season.

Scenes for the eighth Star Wars movie appearing in 2017 were also filmed in Dubrovnik. Wander along the main street of Stradun and see the Rector's Palace and the Dominican monastery on the east side of the historical center, and with a little luck you will be able to find the subject of one of your souvenir photos in the completed film.

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2. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Waterfalls on the Plitvice Lakes

Natural spectacle in the heart of Croatia with a stop directly at the park!

The largest and oldest national park is a once-in-a-lifetime sight. 16 lakes are connected to one another by countless waterfalls, cascades and overflows along a path more than 328 feet high. Each radiant, blue lake sparkles in a different tone and you feel as if you have stepped onto some surreal movie set.

Use the many signposted and well-secured hiking paths to explore the national park and circle the lakes. The Veliki Slap on the lower end of the lakes is a must-see when visiting the national park, and is the largest waterfall in Croatia at a height of 256 feet.

Scenes for a very famous, at least in Germany, movie series were even filmed in the national park.  Numerous Winnetou film shoots used the waterfalls and caves of the Plitvice Lakes as backdrops, including the film Treasure of Silver Lake from the 60s.

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3. Diocletian Palace in Split

The Diocletian Palace in Split

Ancient highlight from the Roman Era

One thing beforehand:  The Diocletian Palace is not an individual building to view, rather it includes a large majority of today's historical center in Split. The Roman emperor Diocletian had the palatial complex, which was more like a fort due to its large walls and also actually housed a barracks, constructed within one decade and used it as a residence after giving up the title of Roman Emperor in 305 AD. He was the only Roman emperor to freely leave office, and it's not hard to see why when you see this retirement residence.  This magnificent structure in the center of the former Roman Empire bordered directly on the blue seas of the Adriatic in the south.

After Diocletian's death, the palace was subjected to many changes during Split's varied past. Thus the Emperor's Mausoleum was converted into a cathedral during the following centuries.  Visitors who are not scared of heights can climb the bell tower and enjoy the view, for an entrance fee.  You also should not miss the peristyle, vestibule and cellar rooms when visiting Split.

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4.  Adriatic coast at Makarska

Discover the Adriatic Coast with a long-distance bus

Dreamy beaches between Adriatic and the Biokovo mountain range

The section of coast also known as the Makarska Riviera between Brela und Gradac excites visitors with delicate pebble beaches and crystal clear water. In addition to popular beaches on the almost 37 miles of long coast line, three islands are also located very close by: Hvar, Brač and Korčula, which also boast beautiful beaches and picturesque historic centers. Heading inland, the Biokovo mountains soar above the coast at altitudes of up to 5780 feet. The mountain range is recognized as a national park and its hiking paths are not always the easiest to master.

The namesake city of Makarska has a unique flair with its narrow medieval streets and beautiful harbor from which you can also take a ferry to the nearby islands.  Near Bol on the island of Brač, you will find the Zlatni Rat, the Golden Horn, one of the most interesting Adriatic beaches in Croatia due to its crescent-like shape.

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