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Budapest is home to one of Europe's most famous music festivals. Get more travel inspiration with FlixBus' travel tips.

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About Budapest

The Hungarian capital offers a vast array of experiences and sights. With over 1.7 million inhabitants and a growing number of tourists, the urban atmosphere stays lively not only on hot summer nights at the Danube, but also on the chilly winter evenings in the ruin bars. Walking through the streets of Budapest you can discover beautiful architectural masterpieces, find squares and nooks filled with history, or discover culinary experiences in both simpler and more elegant restaurants. The Buda side of the city offers a green, peaceful environment for its visitors, but you can also easily get over to the vivid Pest side via one of the seven bridges. Throughout its long history Budapest has retained an essence of each era, so some compare it to Vienna, some to Prague, or even to Berlin – one thing is for sure though: Budapest is one of Europe’s hidden treasures worth discovering!

Practical information for your bus trip to Budapest

Ticket prices start at:  €8
Where is the FlixBus bus stop in Budapest?  Üllői út 131, 1091 Budapest
Can I travel by night bus?  Yes
Ideal destination for…?  Nightlife | Culture | History
Sightseeing in Budapest

Things to do in Budapest

As one hits the city centre of Budapest, it’s easy to get overwhelmed: numerous stunning buildings, parks, museums, and baths await eager visitors. You should definitely check out the Castle District of Buda – so the castle itself, the National Gallery, many charming streets and alleys, the Matthias Church, and the Fisherman’s Bastion. Various different parts of this district overlook many precious and unique attractions, such as the Parliament or the Gellért Hill. The Heroes’ Square and the City Park (Városliget) are also worth visiting. In case you are looking for a more relaxed program, you can enjoy the Széchenyi, the Gellért, or one of the other baths. The Museum of Fine Arts offers classic exhibitions year around (Please note: the museum is under reconstruction and will only reopen in March 2018), while the Ludwig Museum presents contemporary pieces and installations. If you are visiting Budapest during the summer months, do not forget to drop by one of Europe’s biggest festivals: Sziget! 

Your Bus Stop in Budapest

Bus Stop Budapest

<p>Üllői út 131<br />
, 1091 Budapest<br />
, Hungary</p>
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Üllői út 131
1091 Budapest

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History and culture in one place

Culture & History

Even though Budapest is a well-known, cosmopolitan city today, it took a long time to reach this state. The city’s history dates back to ancient times when the confederation of the seven Hungarian tribes, led by Árpád, arrived in the Pannonian Basin and decided to settle. Buda and its surroundings were occupied by the Ottoman (Turkish) for 150 years from 1541 on. Although oppression shattered the nation, the numerous baths and mosques are still admired and frequently visited by both locals and foreigners today. What is known as Budapest today was established in 1873 by the merging of three smaller cities, namely Pest, Buda, and Óbuda. Your FlixBus might also cross the well-known Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) that was also built in this ’Reform Era’.  The buildings of the romantic Budapest still carry some wounds from times of war and revolution, but the modern times give the capital opportunity to flourish again. 

Nightlife in Budapest

Nightlife in Budapest

Budapest is unique in many respects, but the vibrant nightlife and unique parties are definitely one of the most outstanding characteristics of the city. The ruin pubs of Budapest are world renowned nowadays – old buildings, shabby furniture, colorful lights, and a pitcher of cold beer describe these places best. The 6th and 7th districts are full of these pubs, but also other clubs, concert halls, wine bars, and places serving handcraft beer. It is easy to get lost in the Budapest night when hopping from one bar to another, finding different surprises and adventures each evening. Some places you definitely want to check out are Fogasház, Gozsdu Udvar, or Beeróság! You might also want to walk out to the middle of Margaret Bridge or Liberty Bridge to check out the dazzling view of the lit up Castle District, the Parliament, and the Chain Bridge – absolutely amazing!