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Tourist Information on Kiel

Allgemeine Infos über Kiel

About Kiel

Kiel is not only the capital city of the state of Schleswig-Holsteins, but also the biggest city in the north of German that you can reach with one of our buses! Due to the proximity of the famous Kiel Canal and the Kieler Foerde, the beautiful natural harbor with its lake and sea harbor has had a special influence on the development of the city. This can not only be seen from the hustle and bustle at the port and the many beaches but also from the many people waiting for ships where countless of ships and cruises travel to Scandinavia. So when your bus arrives in Kiel, if you want to take a cruise or a trip on one of the ships you should definitely take time to explore the city itself before heading back on your bus home. 

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Kiel

Things to do in Kiel

Besides its harbor, Kiel also has many attractions and sightseeing opportunities to offer which you should not miss out on seeing in the popular university town. The Hörn Bridge is a spectacular vision for cyclists and pedestrians alike, as the bridge opens to allow ships to sail underneath it before the passersby can use the bridge to cross over the river. At this point in the city you will get a great first impression and overview of the port city after your bus has dropped you off and you can see many of the different attractions of Kiel, such as the Hörn campus or the Church of St. Nicholas. Additionally the bridge is the quickest way to travel from the city center to Norwegenkai, which is situated on the opposite side of Kieler Foerde where there are daily ferries to Oslo. Another pit stop when you are taking a stroll through the city should definitely be the city’s town hall, whose tower has similarities to St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice. A few streets away from the Church of St. Nicholas are many different restaurants that you can pay a visit to before you hop back on your bus to take you home again!

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Bus Stop Kiel interim central bus station

<p>Kaistraße 100<br />
, 24114 Kiel<br />
, Germany</p>
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Kiel interim central bus station

Kaistraße 100
24114 Kiel

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Kultur & Geschichte

Culture & History

In 1992 Kiel celebrated its 750th birthday after being declared as an official city in 1242. Among the most important events of the city over the past centuries, include the celebration of the city joining the Hanseatic League in the 13th Century, the Peace of Kiel following the Napoleonic war in 1814 and the opening of what is now known as Kiel Canal (previously Kaiser-Wilhelm Canal). If you would like to learn more about the maritime history of the port city when your bus arrives in Kiel, you can find many interesting exhibits and models in the Maritime museum, which used to be a fish auction hall.

Nachtleben in Kiel

Nightlife in Kiel

Since the founding of the University of Kiel in 1665, the port city is also a student town. This means there is a wide variety of nightlife for you to discover when your bus arrives in the city. If you’re not too sure what to choose to do from the restaurants, bars or clubs on your first night, then you should pay a visit to the Villa. Here you can try the tasty food and cocktails, and between Thursday and Saturday dance the night, and the calories, away!