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Destination Ideas From FlixBus

Do you want to go skiing, hiking or shopping but don't know where you should go? Or do you want to go on a holiday, but you need some travel inspiration

Click on one of the categories below for some amazing holiday ideas and discover which holiday destination is perfect for your interests!  

We have countless activities, adventures and experiences for you to enjoy - all year round, for all occasions. Travelling with FlixBus is a gateway to experience different cultures, connect with your friends and make new memories.

Be inspired by our destination ideas and book your bus ticket today!

Popular colleges
Need ideas for Spring Break 2020?
Most popular beach cities
Popular beach destinations
National Parks on the West Coast
4 Must Visit National Parks in the US
Popular shopping destinations
Discover the top shopping destinations with FlixBus
Top music and food festivals
Discover 5 of the best music festivals in the US 
Cities with amusement parks
Bus stops near amusement parks
Plan a bus trip during federal holidays
Travel with FlixBus for your 2019 vacation!
Popular sports destinations
Travel to the most popular sports destinations
Cities with airports
Start you holiday with a FlixBus to the airport
Popular party spots
Discover the best nightlife with FlixBus
Weekend getaways with FlixBus
Get inspired for you weekend break!
Popular museums
Travel with FlixBus to popular museums 
Pride events in the US
Cities known for the Pride
Popular lakes and rivers
Discover beautiful lakes and rivers with FlixBus
Popular zoos and aquariums
Travel to popular aquariums and zoo with FlixBus
Beautiful hiking destinations
Discover the most beautiful hiking trails with FlixBus
Cities with great biking trails
Popular biking destinations
Popular architecture destinations
Cities known for their architecture
Beautiful skiing destinations
Explore popular skiing destinations with FlixBus
Popular history locations
Visit popular historical sights with FlixBus
Popular art destinations
Cities known for their amazing art
Famous local food and wine
Discover amazing local cuisines with FlixBus
Discover the most beautiful Christmas Markets
Popular Christmas Market destinations
Fireworks during the New Year's Eve
Discover the best New Year's Eve destinations