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Tourist Information on Frankfurt

Allgemeine Infos über Frankfurt

About Frankfurt

“Mainhatten” – the name that the inhabitants of Frankfurt like to call their striking skyline, is apparent as soon as you approach the city on your bus. But as you look more closely, you will notice that the city is an interesting combination between modern architecture and historical buildings. The banking city, with the large pedestrian zone ‘Frankfurter Zeil,’ currently has a population of over 690,000 inhabitants, making it the largest city in Hessen. The large exhibition center is probably one of the main reasons to make a bus trip to Frankfurt. However, less well known and hidden in the city is the center of the worldwide internet exchange. Another popular destination for bus travelers is the impressive city airport, which lies just outside of the city but is easily accessible via public transport.  

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Frankfurt

Things to do in Frankfurt

Embark on a trip to Frankfurt and experience a richness of attractions. In the old town of Frankfurt there are many preserved buildings that are worth visiting, such as the St. Bartholomäus Cathedral. In front of the Cathedral lie the archaeological gardens with excavations from the Roman and Carolingian periods. For bus travelers who are interested in the Roman period, a visit here is an absolute must. Areas like these show how Frankfurt is a city with historical depth, as well as being famous for the striking skylines, what Frankfurt is most well known for. One of the oldest and longest standing buildings of Frankfurt is the Römer - the picturesque building holds a beautifully landscaped space between the main pedestrian zone of Frankfurt – the “Zeil” – and the train station. This is one of the biggest contrasts between the modern and the old Frankfurt; showing the diversity from the historical buildings of Frankfurt to the towering skyscrapers of “Mainhatten.” These are, as soon as your bus arrives in Frankfurt, not to be overlooked. Next to the “Deutsche Bank Twin Towers,” stands the “Messeturm.” Almost like a gigantic pencil, this building protrudes from the ground and welcomes our bus travelers and tourists alike into its 20 meter high entrance hall. In order to enjoy a breathtaking view of the skyscraping city, we recommend a trip up to the top of the Eschenheim Tower. This tower was once a medieval city gate in Frankfurt but now stands as one of its most outstanding landmarks. The now demolished Henninger Tower was named after the annual cycle race “Rund um den Henninger-Turm,” sometimes called “The Frankfurt Grand Prix,” (1962-2008) and unfortunately can no longer be visited by bus travelers.

Your Bus Stops in Frankfurt

Please note that there are 3 bus stops in Frankfurt.

Bus Stop Frankfurt central train station

<p>Stuttgarter Str.<br />
, 60329 Frankfurt<br />
, Germany</p>
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Frankfurt central train station

Stuttgarter Str.
60329 Frankfurt

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Bus Stop Frankfurt airport (Terminal 1)

<p>Terminal 1 (P36) / Frankfurt am Main Flughafen<br />
, Hugo-Eckener-Ring<br />
, 60549 Frankfurt am Main<br />
, Germany</p>
, View location on map

Frankfurt airport (Terminal 1)

Terminal 1 (P36) / Frankfurt am Main Flughafen
60549 Frankfurt am Main

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Bus Stop Frankfurt (Main) Süd (train)

<p>Hedderichstraße 51<br />
, 60594 Frankfurt am Main<br />
, Germany</p>
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Frankfurt (Main) Süd (train)

Hedderichstraße 51
60594 Frankfurt am Main


from 01.11. until 01.11. the bus stop is relocated to

Hedderichstrasse 51
60594 Frankfurt

Open relocated bus stop on map

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bus schedule and bus stops in Frankfurt

Learn more about Frankfurt

Kultur & Geschichte

Culture & History

The Museum Embankment is a cluster of various museums, which was developed in 1973. Today upon arriving with your bus to Frankfurt, you can visit all 34 museums with a “museum ticket,” entitling you to a large saving on buying individual museum tickets. For families with children a visit to the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History should definitely be on your to do list. An evening in Frankfurt offers a large choice of cultural possibilities; with extensive theater programs, opera houses and concert halls. The operas in Frankfurt are known worldwide and several times have received the title of “opera of the year.” Those who prefer more Boulevard Theatre would enjoy a visit to the Fritz Rémond Theater, or an excursion down the “Neue Mainzer Straße.”

Nachtleben in Frankfurt

Nightlife in Frankfurt

Frankfurt also offers a vibrant night life with a versatile list of events.  Well known clubs such as the traditional rock club “Batschklapp” which opened in 1976, is a popular location. In The jazz cellar of Frankfurt there is a comfortable, feel-good atmosphere similar to that on your bus. The “King Kamehameha Club” offers a wide range of music styles; from house and dance to Hip Hop, Rock and Pop and of course R&B, everyone’s music taste will be fulfilled.