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Bonn is a popular destination for romantic getaways. Get more travel inspiration with FlixBus' travel tips.

Tourist Information on Bonn

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About Bonn

The second official residence of the President of Germany, the birthplace of Beethoven, a city on the banks of the Rhine - this is the city of Bonn. One of Germany’s oldest cities, situated in the west of the country, is very popular amongst our bus travelers all year round. Between 1949 and 1990 Bonn was the provisional capital of West Germany and has played a significant role in national politics ever since. Although its history dates back to the 1st century BC, it only rose to prominence in the 13th century. Tourists can visit various sights and attractions, such as churches, castles, numerous museums and even a botanic garden. Bonn is also renowned as a hub for innovation and is home to the University of Bonn (’Universität Bonn’) – which lists famous alumni such as Karl Marx and Heinrich Heine.

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Things to do in Bonn

Bonn is the perfect holiday destination for anyone looking to unwind and relax. The Bonn Botanic Garden located in the city center, is said to resemble a little piece of heaven with its floral and picturesque ponds. If you want to spend even more time outside, check out ’Wildpark Venusberg’, an open air zoo with a small museum. The Cathedral of Bonn (’Bonn Münster’) is a must see when you visit the town. Built between the 11th and the 13th century, it is one of Germany’s oldest churches and has since earned the title ’minor basilica.’ The ’Museumsmeile’ isn’t only a quaint area filled with several museums, but it is also where you’ll find your FlixBus bus stop, so you can begin to unearth the rich culture of the city as soon as you hop off your bus. 

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Bus Stop Bonn (Museumsmeile)

<p>Joseph-Beuys-Allee<br />
, 53113 Bonn<br />
, Germany</p>
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Bonn (Museumsmeile)

53113 Bonn

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Culture & History

If you visit Bonn, you can expect your trip to be heavily influenced by one famous composer. As soon as you leave your FlixBus behind, you can visit the Beethoven statue, the Beethoven Square, or even the Beethoven House. The latter is not only home to many prestigious manuscripts but even the last piano of Ludwin van. The soothing atmosphere will make you want to listen to the renowned symphonies as soon as you get home. Of course, Bonn has many other museums that are also worth visiting. For instance, the German National Museum of Contemporary History divides Germany’s yesteryears into 6 parts and offers tourists the opportunity to learn all about Germany and its history from 1945 right up until today. 

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Nightlife in Bonn

Bonn is also a popular student city where you can discover several great places to go at night! The historic streets are very nicely lit up after sunset, so they’re worth strolling through after a lovely dinner in the more secluded districts or by the Rhine. If you’re in the mood for a drink or two then we recommend you visit ‘Che Guevara Bonn - Cuban Cocktail Bar’ for some Latin vibes, or the ‘Jazz Galerie’ for a classy, funky concert and a glass of whiskey. Cafés and restaurants are spread all over the city, so having a relaxed evening with great food is always possible – ’Strandhaus’ or ’Burgermanufaktur am Frankenband’ are both excellent choices.