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Things to do in Gävle

About Gävle

Gävle is a city located in Sweden and it is the capital of Gävleborg County. The population is approximately 100,000. The city is famous for many things, such as the professional hockey team Brynäs IF, the “Gävle Goat”, the soccer team Gefle IF, the Boloungern park, Hemlingby, and more. It is fairly small city, but its close location to Stockholm makes it a pretty common place for tourists to visit.

Places of Interest in Gävle

Right in the city center, there is a big park called “Bolougnerskogen”. This park is beautiful at any time of the year and its perfect for a nice walk or run. The park is named after the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, France. If you visit the city in December, then you have to see the famous Gävle Goat. If you are lucky enough, you will get there before it is burned down. The goat has a famous tradition of being burnt down in recent years. If you like the zoo, then you will be happy to hear that just outside the city, there is a park called “Furviksparken”. The park has many animals and it also serves as an amusement park with roller coasters and rides. The city has two famous museums and they are definitely worth visiting if you want to educate yourself about how prisoners lived in Sweden or if you want to see historic rail trains at the railway museum. If you want to stay in shape during your visit, I would recommend visiting the area Hemlingby. Here you can find miles of trails for running and walking. You will also see the beautiful Swedish forest, which I found so relaxing during my visit. In the winter you can also go downhill skiing at this location.

Culture and History of Gävle

Gävle became an official town in 1446. In 1776 there was a big fire, which significantly affected the town’s buildings. The city was basically rebuilt after this event. This increased the building of stone and brick houses, which is what you will see plenty of today. Unfortunately, this was not the last fire to affect the city. In 1869, there was another one, in which 8,000 people lost their homes. One area was lucky enough to not burn down and today this is called “Gamla Gövle”, which translates to old Gävle. Gävle is a small city, but it still has plenty of cultural life. There are plenty of museums around the city. The two biggest are the prison museum and the national railway museum. There is also a theatre where you can watch many kinds of performances.

Nightlife in Gävle

If you are interested in professional sports, then you can find yourself enjoying a visit to Gävle. The city has a hockey team in the highest league in Sweden. Brynäs IF has won many national championships. They have a top arena where you can sit down or stand up for an interesting hockey game. The city also has a soccer team called Gefle IF. The team has been in the highest league for many years, but in the most recent year, the team has struggled and is now playing in the lower divisions. However, they are trying to make their way back up and if you like soccer, it is definitely worth a visit to Gavlevallen arena. If you are not a big sports fan, don’t worry. One of my favorite things during my time in Gävle was a visit to an area called “Bönan”, which is located just outside the city. The small community is absolutely beautiful and full of Swedish red houses. It is also located right on the water, which makes it even more gorgeous.

Surrounding Areas of Gävle

If you are staying in the city for a few days, then I would recommend going to either Uppsala or Stockholm. You can get to Uppsala in 45 minutes and to Stockholm in around 90 minutes. If you visit in the wintertime and if you are into skiing, then the mountain called “Kungsberget” is a must. It is only a 25-30 minute drive from central Gävle and the ski area offers a big variety of downhill skiing lanes and also great restaurants. From Gävle, you can also take a FlixBus to the Swedish city of Karlstad!

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