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Inexpensive bus trips to Spain 

Palace in Madrid

Spain is still one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and it excites tourists and locals alike with its broad array of delicious dishes, picturesque beaches and cultural sights. The region of Catalonia in particular, and its capital of Barcelona, one of the most beautiful large cities in Europe, as well as the splendid Costa Brava appeal to many visitors to the country. But there are also countless cultural and geographical highlights to discover on a bus trip to Spain's Atlantic Coast, e.g in Basque Country on the Bay of Biscay. So, plan your next vacation for Spain and take advantage of the warm climate on the Iberian peninsula.

FlixBus brings you to some of the most beautiful and popular coastal areas in Spain. You just have to tell us: Vamos a la playa!

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Why a long-distance bus is a good choice for your Spain vacation

Two pieces of baggage are included on a FlixBus

2 pieces of luggage included

Travel to Spain at no additional cost and without having to drag around an annoying suitcase. 

Two pieces of baggage are included on a FlixBus

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