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Tourist Information on Dresden

Allgemeine Infos über Dresden

About Dresden

Dresden is one of the biggest cities in East Germany and due to its countless attractions and unique history it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Our many bus connections to and through Dresden allow travelers to explore for themselves the rich tradition of the city, but also to see the many pioneering companies and institutions. Dresden is one of Germany’s most popular student cities. After the reunification it was given a brand new face which has been shaped through developments and cooperation in research, its economy, and its culture. As a result of this Dresden was declared as the city of science in 2006. Dresden has not only managed to preserve its tradition, but has also undertaken its own individual art and culture. This makes Dresden one of our most popular cities for bus trips. Thanks to its direct location on the Elbe it is in the prime location for those who wish to travel across the state of Saxony. Dresden is also home to many nature reserves and landscape protection areas, making it one of the greenest cities in Europe – another reason for you to travel by bus to Dresden!

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Dresden

Things to do in Dresden

Dresden’s panorama can be seen from afar where the landscape presents a striking image, made up of the Dresden Castle, Dresden Cathedral and the completely restored Dresden “Frauenkirchen.” Between all of these authentic buildings you will discover the modernity and diversity that the city offers. Whether you discover a delicious restaurant and try a typical German delicacy, or embark on an extensive shopping trip on Prager Strasse – Dresden will have something to offer you! Do not worry about your trip to Dresden because your bus will take you from A to B, of course with room for all of your luggage. Fans of the cinema or architecture should definitely visit the ‘UFA-Kristallpalast’ – this visit will be sure to leave you with a unique memory of your bus trip to Dresden. In the building you will feel and learn how the tradition and influence of the German film industry has dominated Dresden for many years. The building alone is worth seeing for its exceptional and modern glass design – a visual masterpiece. The UFA-Kristallpalast is a perfect example of one of many modern buildings with impressive glass designs; so make sure to pack your camera before you hop on your bus to Dresden.

Your Bus Stops in Dresden

Please note that there are 2 bus stops in Dresden.

Bus Stop Dresden central station (Bayrische Straße)

<p>Bayrische Straße 14<br />
, 01069 Dresden<br />
, Germany</p>
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Dresden central station (Bayrische Straße)

Bayrische Straße 14
01069 Dresden

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bus schedule and bus stops in Dresden

Bus Stop Dresden Neustadt station (Hansastraße)

<p>Hansastraße 4<br />
, 01097 Dresden<br />
, Germany</p>
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Dresden Neustadt station (Hansastraße)

Hansastraße 4
01097 Dresden

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bus schedule and bus stops in Dresden

Learn more about Dresden

Kultur & Geschichte

Culture & History

Dresden is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony, and is described as an “aesthete” city and known as the “Florence of the Elbe.” This identification comes from the countless art collections, the outstanding area around the Elbe, and of course Dresden’s Mediterranean architecture, which triggers its associations with Florence. Over the years historical buildings from all different eras and a large amount of concert halls have helped Dresden to become a cultural centre for bus travelers and tourists alike. After a relaxing bus journey, you will be ready to explore Dresden to your heart’s content. For bus travelers who would like to explore the uptown culture of the city, make sure you visit the legendary Semperoper or the State Playhouse of Dresden. There are not only classical and traditional operas shown here, but also performances suitable for even the youngest of audiences – be sure to check out the schedule of current plays and performances before boarding your bus. In 1985 the opera house, with its historical and classical elements, was rebuilt. Visitors that travel by bus to Dresden can thus visit a real artistic heritage that is unique in the German cultural scene. Traditional Saxony State Opera is responsible for producing some of the most famous operas in Germany.

Nachtleben in Dresden

Nightlife in Dresden

There are endless opportunities to explore Dresden by night, and thus see another face of the city! In the region outside of the ‘Neustadt’ you can find countless restaurants and cafes. Not only this but there are over 175 trendy bars and pubs – whatever atmosphere you fancy you will be able to find it in Dresden. In protest against poor living standards due to many defective buildings led to the development of today’s cultural district being now an attractive destination for bus travelers. In the south of the Elbe, close to the University, there are 14 of the cities student night clubs. The night life in Dresden offers something for every taste, whether it is alternative, rock, electro or metal: the party scene in Dresden is popular with every kind of traveler. So make sure you see the city in the daylight and at night, and then recover the next day on your bus trip home.