Manage My Booking


Until when can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking up to 15 minutes before your departure time.

Am I charged a fee for canceling?

If you cancel your trip up to 30 days before your departure date, it is free. After that, we might charge a cancellation fee. After canceling your booking, a voucher will be generated. The voucher is valid for 12 months and is worth the price of your booking minus a cancellation fee, if applicable.

Cancellation due to Covid-19 operational changes:

If your ride is affected by a cancellation due to Covid-19, we will reimburse your cancelled trip and provide you with a full refund of the ticket price in the form of a voucher as per our Terms & Conditions.


You can change the following information in your booking:

  • Time or destination of your trip*
  • Passenger name
  • Phone number
  • Excess baggage
  • Bulky baggage

*If you would like to change the departure time or destination, you must first cancel the part of the trip you wish to change. After which, you will receive a voucher in the amount of the ticket’s value minus any applicable cancellation fees. You may then use this voucher to book a new trip (by using the voucher number into the voucher field and clicking "Redeem"). The voucher is valid for 12 months.

Until when can I change my booking?

You can make changes up to 15 minutes before your departure time.

Is there a fee for changing my booking?

You can correct small typos free of charge.* You can also make changes to the passenger name. This is usually free of charge. However, if the ride will be more expensive than on the original day of booking, you'll have to pay the difference between the booked price and the new ticket price.

For changes to the departure time or trip destination, the rules of a cancellation would apply. If you change your trip less than 30 days prior to departure, a cancellation fee is deducted from the voucher value.

If you would like to book excess or bulky baggage after your ticket purchase, a fee will apply. You can add one piece of excess and bulky baggage per person.

*Typos that require more than a couple quick fixes may be considered as a name change and are subject to applicable fees.

Where can I cancel or change my booking?