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Bus stops in Karlstad

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Karlstad (bus station)

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Karlstad: Quick information
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Things to do in Karlstad

About Karlstad

Karlstad is a small city in Värmland Region of Sweden, which translates literally to “warm country.” The summers in Värmland are reportedly the sunniest in Sweden, which is how it got its name. It sits upon Sweden’s largest lake, Lake Vänern. It is located about equally in between Stockholm and Oslo, about 3-3:30 hours to each city. Ice hockey is widely popular in Karlstad due to its great team Färjestad BK that plays in the highest division in Sweden.

Places of Interest in Karlstad

Karlstad is home to many outdoor recreation areas. One of the most popular, especially for children, is Mariebersskogen. It is a free-admission park that has multiple playgrounds, green picnic areas, walking trails, mini golf, and even a petting zoo! I loved going to see the animals. There are cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens, sheep, birds, and more! Another nice place to go is to Lake Vänern. This is both Sweden’s and the European Union’s largest lake and is about 2,181 square miles. Many Swedes come here to camp in the summer in trailers. There is a small beach area where you can go to swim in the summer. There are canoes and kayaks for rent as well. There is also a large forest trail that goes around the lake with outdoor gyms along the trail and plenty of hills to ensure you get a good workout. Hammarö is another nice place to go in good weather. It is a municipality just south of Karlstad that is home to an old lighthouse. It is situated on Lake Vänern, making it a great picnic spot! If you like ice hockey, definitely check out a Färjestad BK game if you are there during the season! The city is crazy about this team, making it a fun atmosphere!

Culture and History of Karlstad

Karlstad has roots stemming from the Viking Age before 1000 AD. It became a city in 1584 and was selected as the regions governmental seat. Karlstad has endured multiple fires, and after the last one in 1865 only the cathedral and a few homes were spared. Karlstad University is home to about 16,000 students, making the city numbered with students. Karlstad is home to Löfbergs Coffee, one of Sweden’s oldest and most popular coffee companies. The factory is situated a 5-minute walk from the city center and is complete with a café where you can get coffee, tea, and some food! They actually roast the coffee there, so on a day when the wind is blowing your way, you are met with the delightful smell of fresh coffee.

Surrounding Areas of Karlstad

From Karlstad you can get to three major cities easily on FlixBus. FlixBus offers routes to Stockholm, Oslo, and Gothenburg from Karlstad. All of these cities are fantastic and highly recommended! If you are visiting in the winter and enjoy skiing, Värmland has a few ski resorts that are not too far from Karlstad such as Valfjället, Ski Sunne, Säfsen, and Hovfjället!

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