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Visit Norway by bus 

Jörn Roßberg – FlixBus employee and amateur photographer

I’ve been on board at FlixBus for many years and it’s always great to see one of our green buses on the road. I travel a lot and love photography. During my journey through the fabulous Fjord Norway 2017, I did not expect to encounter a FlixBus. I just had my camera at hand and could shoot this nice proof photo from the northernmost FlixBus spontaneously.

Norway is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it is not hard to see why. The Western coast is dotted with powerful fjords that are known far beyond the Northern European kingdom. You can view these natural wonders up-close on foot, on a bicycle or a kayak. In addition, fantastic forests and mountain landscapes await you throughout Norway. With FlixBus, you can travel comfortably to the most interesting travel destinations in Norway.

The athletic among us also have many opportunities to ski and snowboard. Numerous ski areas are located throughout the mountain landscapes typical of Norway. Or watch professional skiers on Holmenkollen, one of the most well-known ski-jumping hills in the world. You don't even have to leave the capital Oslo to do so.

The 4 must-see spots in Oslo

1. Frogner Park with Vigeland sculptures

Discover Oslo with a long-distance bus

Why shouldn't I miss that?

The largest park in the city center is a great destination for bright summer days. In addition to 150 various types of roses, you can also find over 200 sculptures from the sculptor Gustav Vigeland here. The sometimes very bizarre sculptures display people in various poses and age groups. There is also a museum directly next to Frogner Park with additional works from the sculptor, in addition to the many located in the park. Just as worth seeing is the Frogner Manor, which has been hosted for over 100 years by the Oslo City Museum (Bymuseum).

When is the city museum open?

From Tuesday to Sunday (11 am to 6 pm), the Oslo City Museum offers you the opportunity to wonder at paintings and exhibits on Norwegian culture. Entrance is free and there is also an audio guide available in English.

How do I get to the park?

Tram line 12 as well as several bus lines stop in front of the park. By the way: You may see the term "Vigeland Park" in travel guides, however, the sculptures are part of Frogner Park. Simply ask the Norwegians about Frogner Park and they will surely help you.

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2. The Bygdøy peninsula and its many museums

Visit bygdoy in Oslo

What museums are on the peninsula?

Shipping and nautical fans will feel completely at home on Bygdøy. In the Fram Museum, you can see the former research ship, Fram, and get some insight into polar research. In the Kon Tiki Museum, you can see the raft of the same name that Thor Heyerdahl sailed over the Pacific. Even more ship models can be found in the Viking Ship Museum and the Maritime Museum.

Are there only museums there?

Absolutely not! Bygdøy is also great for cycling and walking during the summer. In Huk, on the Southern edge of the peninsula, there is also a swimming beach - but be careful you don't make your way to the nude section!

What is the best way to get to Bygdøy?

On local bus 30, you can reach Bygdøy within about 20 minutes from the city center. During the warmer months (March to October), we recommend taking the ferry from the harbor in the city center, however. You will reach your destination in a good 15 minutes – great view included.

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3. New opera house on the harbor

New opera house on the harbor

Why shouldn't I miss that?

Sure, not everybody likes going to the opera. However, you should not pass up the Oslo Opera, simply due to its unconventional architecture. It's direct proximity to the harbor and its steep marble roof make the opera house look like an iceberg jutting out onto the water. The roof is freely accessible and offers a unique view of the fjord. You can also look behind the curtains during a 50 minute long tour.

When can I participate in a tour?

50 minute tours in English are held daily, Sunday to Friday at 1 pm. The tour begins at noon on Saturdays. The price is 100 Norwegian kroner for anyone over 16 years old (children pay 60 kroner). Current information can be found on the opera house website, of course.

Where exactly is the opera house in Oslo?

Direktly on the Oslo fjord in the Bjørvika district, about 10 minutes from Oslo Cathedral
Address: Kirsten Flagstads Plass 1.

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4. Holmenkollen ski-jumping hill

Holmenkollen ski-jumping hill

Does a summer visit make any sense?

Absolutely! Even without snow, the view from the start of the ski jump is more than impressive, and between March and October, you also have the opportunity to recreate the adrenaline kick of ski jumpers with a zip line. You can also visit the Ski Museum.

When is the Ski Museum open?

The museum is open daily. From June to August, you can learn about skiing from 9 am to 8 pm. During the remaining months, the museum opens at 10 am and closes at 4 or 5 pm. More information can be found on the museum website.

Where exactly is Holmenkollen?

About four miles northwest of the Oslo city center. Arrival options include the subway.

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