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Mobility and Wheelchair Information

FlixBus stands behind its mission to bring green mobility to everyone. This means we do our best to make our buses as comfortable and accessible as possible for people with reduced mobility. Whether you travel with a wheelchair, are dependent on a service animal or are pregnant at the time of your trip, we are prepared for that and can adapt to it. Please find some helpful resources below:

Access to the bus with a wheelchair

Wheelchair users are welcome on our buses!

Which conditions apply?

For bus travel with the wheelchair in the baggage compartment:

If you are restricted in your mobility and are able to get on-and-off on your own or with the help of a companion, you can travel with all FlixBus lines. Your wheelchair must be foldable so that the driver can stow it in the baggage compartment of the bus.

For bus travel with the wheelchair in the passenger compartment:

If you are planning to travel in your wheelchair, kindly note that space is limited to 2 (two) wheelchairs onboard at any time. Therefore, we strongly recommend making your reservations with as much advance notice as possible to ensure travel will be possible.

Wheelchairs traveling in the passenger compartment must meet the following size and weight criteria:

  • Weight including the passenger cannot exceed 600lbs (272kg) due to the capabilities of the hydraulic wheelchair lift.
  • Wheelchair dimensions of 30 x 48 inches (76cm x 121cm).
  • Mobility scooter with dimensions of 30 x 30 x 48 inches (76 x 76 x 122cm).

Please note that we cannot make exceptions to these terms.  Passengers traveling in their own wheelchair must agree to be properly secured in the wheelchair space onboard the bus. Bus drivers are permitted to refuse service to passengers using wheelchairs that do not meet these regulations.

Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Up to a total of four (4) cylinders per passenger are permitted as follows: Two (2) cylinders in the passenger compartment and two (2) cylinders in the cargo compartment as checked baggage (must have valve protection cap in place and be properly packaged and protected against accidental discharge.) Cylinders are to be no larger than 4.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length. Maximum total oxygen load on a bus may not exceed 99 lbs.

Ticket booking for travel by wheelchair

The transport of a foldable wheelchair, walking aids and other assistive devices is free of charge. These aids are stored in the baggage compartment.

During the booking process, once you select the number of adults/children, be certain to select “1” or “2” “Travel in your Wheelchair” option as well and proceed with your booking. Our customer service team will receive your wheelchair notification and make all of the necessary arrangements to ensure the bus partner operating the line as well as the bus driver are informed. If you are booking a ride with a departure within the next 24 hours, we recommend contacting our Customer Service team at (855) 626-8585 to ensure your request has been processed.

In the event your selected ride cannot accommodate you traveling in your own wheelchair (for example, if two other wheelchairs are already booked onboard), you will be automatically re-booked to the next available ride to your ticketed destination. If this alternate time/date does not work for your travel needs, you may contact Customer Service at (855) 626-8585 to opt-out of the ride and be rebooked to a time that is more convenient for you, receive a voucher for a future ride or a refund.

If you already have a reservation in-place and need to add your wheelchair, simply contact our Customer Service team anytime at (855) 626-8585 for prompt assistance.

We strongly recommend that you arrive at the bus stop on the day of travel and inform the bus driver that you need assistance. In addition, you can take the opportunity to get on the bus and take your preferred seat.

Ticket booking for travel with a companion

During the booking process, once you’ve selected the number of adults/children, be certain to select “1” or “2” in the “Travel in your Own Wheelchair” option (if applicable).Then, proceed with the booking for yourself only. Upon receipt of your booking number, please contact our customer service team at (855) 626-8585 as soon as possible and reference your booking number, advising the Customer Service Agent that you are medically required to travel with a companion and they will make the reservation separately (assuming seats are available on the selected ride). Companions travel free of charge between the same origin and destination as the passenger with a disability. You will receive a second email confirmation and unique booking number for your travel companion.

Access to the bus with a service animal

Your ADA-recognized service dog is welcome on board.

Attention: Access to the buses for dogs is restricted to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility. Pets and other animals that have not been specifically trained to service a person with disabilities including: emotional support, comfort, therapy and PTSD dogs are not permitted to travel, including in kennels or in the baggage compartment of the bus. As you board, your driver may legally ask you about the specific training your animal has received to assist you with your disability.

Service Animal fraud is a crime with penalties ranging from community service to fines to time in jail. If your animal does not qualify as a service animal, as identified by the Americans with Disabilities Act, please do not bring it with you as you and your animal may not be permitted to travel. Learn more, here: https://www.animallaw.info/content/fraudulent-service-dogs

Ticket booking for travel with guide dogs

Although no advance notice is required, we strongly recommend that you contact our customer service team at (855) 626-8585 with as much advance notice as possible to advise us of your intention to travel with a service animal.

This advance notice will allow us to ensure the bus partner and driver operating your ride is made aware of your request and any potential issues (such as driver allergies) are adjusted prior to the start of your ride to ensure incident-free travel.

Service animals are not required to wear a vest or a muzzle.

Important: Service animals must remain under control of their handlers and may be seated on the lap or at the feet of their handlers at all times, not blocking aisles or exits. For the comfort and safety of your service animal, your driver and fellow passengers, service animals may not occupy a seat.  In the case of larger service animals, your driver may open-up the wheelchair space on the bus for your service dog to enjoy during the ride, permitting there is space to do so. However if these seats are booked by other passengers, the service animal must return to the space at the feet or on the lap of their handler.

Can I travel by bus when I'm pregnant?

It is not forbidden for pregnant women to travel by bus, but you should consider speaking with your physician to determine if bus travel is safe and appropriate based on your individual situation.

Benefits for traveling with FlixBus during pregnancy:

  • Comfortable seating with legroom and adjustable backrest for added support.
  • Toilets on board.
  • Availability of reserved seats (fees apply).
  • Help loading and unloading your baggage.

Please note that some trips may include stopovers at motorway service areas. There is usually a stop every few hours.

We wish you a safe journey with our buses! If you have further questions, visit our FAQ or contact the customer service team 24/7 at (855) 626-8585.