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Inexpensive bus trips to Switzerland 

On a bus trip to Switzerland, you can look forward to spectacular natural landscapes, charming cities and friendly cultural metropolises. Visit the Swiss Alps; there are numerous other summits over 13,123 feet in addition to Matterhorn. So pack your hiking boots or your skis and take the next bus to Switzerland.

You feel like taking a city trip? Zurich, Basel or Genf are known far beyond the Swiss border for their high concentrations of museums, promenades with mountain views and shopping opportunities.

Ideas for your trip to Switzerland

Winterthur - The City of Art & Culture

Travel to Winterthur with a long-distance bus

What do I have to see in Winterthur?

Winterthur should be right at the top of the must-see list for any art lovers. Very few cities have so many significant works of art from the Renaissance to the present. Spend an afternoon in the Winterthur Art Museum, in the Oskar Reinhart collection "Am Römerholz" and wonder up-close at the numerous Rembrandts, Renoirs, van Goghs, Picassos, Hodlers and all the other famous masterpieces. The Winterthur historic city center is perfect for window shopping. Specialty shops, restaurants and cafes and individual boutiques are strung along the largest interconnected pedestrian zone in Swizterland. The Swiss Science Center Technorama is an experience for big and small; touching is not only allowed, it is expressly requested. Forget your dry science lessons from school and uncover scientific secrets at various experiment stations.

Excursions around Winterthur

The next green space is at most's 15 minutes away in Winterthur. You can reach the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, in just 25 minutes on the subway. Just as worthy of recommendation, but also more time intensive, is a 5 hour hike through the idyllic Zurich wine country, where you can also try one or two sips next to breathtaking landscapes. There is room to live for numerous species of birds and butterflies in the Naturzentrum Thurauen, but beavers and frogs also feel at home in this area since it was restored.

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Zurich Zoo

Travel to Zurich with a long-distance bus

Why should I visit the Zurich zoo?

Year after year, the Zurich Zoo finds itself among the top nominees for various "Best Zoo in Europe" rankings. The reason for this, among others, is the supreme standard to properly care for the around 375 animal species there. The focus is less on exhibiting exotic animal species and more on the conservation of nature and a declaration to maintain threatened species. Giant Galapagos turtles, Siberian tigers and lion tamarins are part of the various conservation programs of the zoo.

What are the highlights of the Zurich Zoo?

  • Pantanal: Walk through a reproduction of the Pantanal, a South American wetlands region, and experience squirrel monkey up-close.

  • Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park: The facility opened in 2014 and has housed eight Asian elephants since February 2017. See the new addition Ruwani as he explores his outer enclosure, and learn more about how to protect Asian elephants in Thailand

  • Noctambulism: Not every animal feels at home in the daylight. Learn about nocturnal species in the Masoala Rainforest and stay a night in an authentic yurt.

What do I do if it rains?

If the weather doesn't want to cooperate on your visit, you can seek shelter in the Exotarium with numerous aquariums and terrariums, in the Affenhaus or in the Masoala facility. From the 32.8 foot tall treetop path there, you can glimpse residents of the Madagascan Rain Forest who are free to walk around the hall.

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