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Green Travel with FlixBus

Go green with FlixBus
Green Travel with FlixBus

At FlixMobility, our goal is to provide green and smart mobility options as alternatives to the private car. Bus travel is one of the eco-friendliest modes of transportation, and at FlixBus we take sustainability to the next level.

Go green with FlixBus

Carbon-Neutral Bus Travel

Every bus in the FlixBus fleet meets a high level of efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. However, it’s difficult to travel without producing any CO2 emissions at all, even in the greenest bus, so we have collaborated with atmosfair to offer you the option to travel climate friendly on your FlixBus journey. 

Based on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) by the United Nations (UN), you’re given the option to purchase “CO2 Compensation” tickets, thereby making a voluntary environmental contribution when completing your booking. The CO2 emissions from your journey are then calculated based on the duration and distance of your journey.

How Does It Work?

When booking your FlixBus ticket, simply click the “Compensate Trip” button before you proceed to payment to offset your carbon emissions produced during your journey. The cost of traveling green will be added to your ticket price; the contribution is approximately 1-3% of your original ticket. Every CO2 Compensation donation in the United States is invested in the National Forest Foundation (NFF) as well as a second and certified Global Climate Protection Project from abroad.

National Forest Foundation (NFF)

The National Forest Foundation (NFF)

When selecting a “CO2 Compensation” ticket, you can look forward to your journey knowing you support the health of America’s 193 million acres of forests and grasslands. With each purchase of a CO2 Compensation ticket, a donation is made to the NFF to plant trees, helping to limit the carbon in our atmosphere. We aim to create less vehicles on the road and more earth to wander.

Global Contributions

FlixBus CO2 Compensation Ticket donations are financing atmosfair’s UN-accredited Gold Standard Climate Protection Project Cleaner Cook Stoves in Rwanda. These efficient stoves make it possible for people in rural Rwanda to use around 80% less wood than traditional hearths when they cook. The project thus helps to preserve local forests, the last habitat for mountain gorillas in the world, and contribute to global climate protection. In addition, the project supports sustainable development in Rwanda and makes local contributions including:

  • Subsidized “Save80” stoves for local families
  • Reduced costs and time required to obtain firewood
  • Improved cardiovascular health by emitting less smoke, according to medical studies

FlixBus E-Buses

In 2018, FlixMobility became the first company in the world to test E-Buses on long-distance bus routes. Currently, these all electric connections are in a pilot phase with two buses traveling between Paris and Amiens, France, and a third bus operating between Hessen and Baden-Württemberg, Germany. FlixBus E-Buses are battery-operated and rely on lithium iron phosphate technology.

With the investment into E-Bus, FlixMobility is supporting a turning point in mobility and a future of travel that is less reliant on fossil fuels. We look forward to making FlixBus even greener in the years to come.