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Things to do in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Skyline at sunset

Top 10 Best Free Things to do in Phoenix

Phoenix is a fantastic location with opportunities to shop, attend concerts, take flight in a hot air Ballon, tour the city in a jeep, and many more. If you need help navigating the place to the most exciting spots, we are here to help. Here are some of the best free things to do when you get to Phoenix.

1. Watch Arizona falls

The sound from the Arizona falls' rushing waters are soothing to hear and can be found on Indian School Road, 56th and 58th streets in Phoenix. The massive body of water reaches the bottom from a 20-foot drop and has been a popular tourist destination.

2. Visit Encanto Park

If overly large bodies of water - like the ocean - frightens you, you can head over to Encanto Park and pretend you're at the beach with zero possibility of a shark attack. This location has several human-made lakes, making the place seem more exciting.

3. Visit Goldfield Ghost Town

Goldfield Ghost Town is a unique place that looks like something from the 1800s. The town offers numerous sights where you can watch people settle conflicts with gunfights, observe the abandoned gold mine, and many more. It's a first-person perspective of the past.

4. Visit the Mesa Arts Center

The Mesa Arts Center contains a museum that functions as an exhibition space for fine art in Arizona. Upon visiting this location, you'll find five unique art galleries that present both reputable and upcoming artists' masterpieces. It's a recommended location to visiting if you wish to appreciate art.

5. Stroll in the Japanese Friendship Garden

Take a stroll in the Japanese Friendship Garden, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The location contains waterfalls, a visually appealing landscape, a tea house and garden, and many more. It provides a unique connection to nature.

6. Explore Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix offers several activities like First Friday and Third Friday, but amongst these activities, the most satisfying is taking a self-guided tour of downtown Phoenix murals. It's small. Adventure with some of the artworks in plain sight, while others are hidden in alleys.

7. Visit the Arizona Science Center

A trip to the Arizona Science Center with a culture pass provides you with an interactive experience of the forces of nature, and other facets of the center like IMAX theater, my digital world, Solarville, and many more.

8. Peruse the Phoenix Art Museum

What other way is there to understand a city's culture than with the aid of a museum? The same applies to Phoenix since you can grasp its culture through the Phoenix Art Museum. It's worth noting that this building is the United State's largest museum for visual arts, and most of the pieces are influenced by Asian, Latin, American, and European cultures.

9. Visit CityScape

CityScape is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It's a popular tourist destination that combines features like boutique hotels, shops, dazzling office towers, residential apartments, and restaurants with high-quality entertainment. It's the kind of place you retired to after a long day with your friends.

10. Check out the Hole in the Rock

While hiking the trail at Papago Park, use the opportunity to visit the area's most notable feature, the Hole in the Rock. Experts believe that this formation is roughly 20 million years old and was slowly dug by erosion over the years. It's a sight that's worth your time.

Top 10 Best Things to do in Phoenix with Kids

If you plan to visit Phoenix with little kids and wonder about the best ways to make the visit enjoyable, this list will present ten recommendations that are guaranteed to impress them.

1. Visit Phoenix Public Market

The Phoenix Public Market is an open-air trading center that functions both as a farmer's market and as a food spectacle. Most food trucks park at this location to show their latest concoction, while local artists display unique art from ceramics, oil paint, and more. You can get fruits and vegetables, unique dishes, and live music performances on market days.

2. Hike Dobbins Lookout

Stretch your legs and take a walk on South Mountain Dobbins Lookout, which puts the entire Phoenix at your feet. There's a spindly forest of red-lighted poles which mark the tallest point in the Park. Keep in mind that the peak isn't available to the public, UT you can still enjoy the city view from the mountain.

3. Shop at Desert Ridge Marketplace

Take your kids shopping at Desert Ridge Marketplace, a massive shopping mall that's located off Tatum Boulevard in North Phoenix. You can also find multiple high-end restaurants that serve meals and beverages for both adults and kids, giving them a festive feel of the city. It's fundamentally a family-friendly location.

4. Watch Sports at the Phoenix Suns Arena

If your little ones are enthusiastic about sports, consider taking them to The Talking Sticks Resort Arena, now known as the Phoenix Suns Arena. This location is primarily built for sports and entertainment like football, wrestling, ice shows, Basketball, concerts, and many more.

5. Visit the Children's Museum of Phoenix

Museums are abundant in Phoenix, but the Children's Museum of Phoenix offers more than a regular museum. It's got an art studio, a pretend grocery store, a block building, and a fort section. The building also has a dedicated zone for toddlers to minimize damage and maximize enjoyment. It's mainly designed to please children.

6. Visit Amazing Jakes

Are your kids hard to please? Amazing Jake can appeal to their wildest fantasy with its amusement rides, bowling, Lazer tags, and arcade games. It's the perfect paradise for kids. There's also a free unlimited buffet by 8 pm with a variety of meals.

7. Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland is the United State's largest indoor rainforest conservatory, and it gives your kids the privilege to meet 3,000 butterflies, as well as reptiles, bugs, and other creatures. Ensure you take your camera to capture moments when the winged creature lands on your child.

8. Visit the Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center possesses 350 exhibits that are geared toward entertaining children of all ages. Your kids will have the opportunity to explore locations like the force of nature, Create maker space, and SkyCycle. It's the perfect spot for your curious child.

9. Check out the Desert Botanical Garden

Phoenix's botanical garden is located in Papago Park and is one of the nation's most stunning gardens. It possesses a beautiful collection of 50,000  plants, ranging from desert flowers to wildflowers that are spread across the five trails. You and your family can admire nature as you stroll down the path.

10. Hall of Fame Fire Museum

It might be challenging to believe, but an entire museum is dedicated to all things related to fire fighting. Therefore, consider bringing your kids over to this spot if they're enthusiastic about fire fighting. There's also a children's room that provides gears and a mini truck for your child to play pretend.

Top 10 Best Things to do in Phoenix in Winter

The majority of tourists visit Phoenix when it has a much warmer climate, but if you want to explore the city during the winter, there are many activities to keep you occupied. This article will lift them below.

1. Visit Old Town Farmers Market

The  Old Town's Farmer's Market is a trading center that collects its edibles from local farmers and is free of pesticides and additives. Almost every treat is available in this spot, like cheese, bread, vegetables, meat, etc. During the winter, the market radiates a holiday vibe that's impossible to forget, making it a worthwhile place to visit.

2. Visit Glendale Glitters

Phoenix possesses several magical places, and one of these is the famous Glendale Glitters. This location displays approximately 1.6 million LEDs from Thanksgiving until January during the last quarter of the year. You can also enjoy the town's history while you want an impressive light show.

3. First Fridays in Phoenix

First Friday is a day in Phoenix where are art galleries, tour galleries, and any art-related Center opens its doors to the public for them to gaze at their work and enjoy the city's culture. It's an excellent site as all the impressive blend of colors hypnotize you.

4. Arizona Snowbowl

With the winter upon Phoenix, the environment is suitable for the Arizona Snowbowl. This enables you to ski down the previous hiking path on the white cover of snow. You also get an impressive view of Arizona while you glide down the ice.

5. Handel's Messiah at The Phoenix Symphony

Handel Messiah's is a yearly Christmas event that brings the famous  "Hallelujah" chorus to the holiday participants. The Phoenix Symphony puts this classic Christmas tune in the ears of locals via a convert every December. It's a melody that you're bound to enjoy if you visit the location.

6. Camelback Mountain Hike

Camelback Mountain is one of Phoenix's highest peaks with more than 2,7000 feet in elevation, making it one of the world's most scenic hiking spots. Despite this height, the mountain is a relatively easy trek due to its gradual decline. It's a height worth scaling during the winter season.

7. Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum is home to a vast collection of musical instruments - over 6,000 - worldwide. You also get to see how the equipment is preserved from the elements and get to experiment with them. If you wait long enough, there's live music at the museum to cement your experience in the building.

8. Visit the Grand Canyon

During warmer climates, the grand canyon looks like a dusty crater, but during the winter season, it seems like something from the ice age, plus there are few tourists to ruin the peace. However, ensure you wear warm clothes before going there, as the temperature in that area is lower.

9. Mount Lemmon Ski Valley

It might not be easy to believe, but Tucson has a personal ski area with an island of 9,000 feet, covered with sufficient snow for winter sports. If you wish to test your skiing skills or take awesome selfies, this is the location for you.

10. NYE Block Party

While at Phoenix during the winter, consider joining in on the new year celebration. By this time, the street rose with wild parties, and people dance to the exciting music. Ultimately, the Nightlife during this time is phenomenal and will provide you with memories that you'll never forget.

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