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Tourist Information on Muenster

Allgemeine Informationen über Dein Fernbusziel Münster

About Muenster

The heart of Muenster is its old town which located in the city center, where some of the streets are still made from cobblestone. In the surrounding area of Muenster’s market you will find a wide range of restaurants and shops, perfect when you need a break from sightseeing. In the center of the old town you will find the striking St. Lamberti Cathedral surrounded by many other historical buildings from different eras, all of which contribute to the unique and unusual cityscape. So when you your bus takes you to Muenster you can take a stroll through this historical city. 

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Münster

Things to do in Muenster

When your bus has arrived at Muenster’s main station you can begin exploring the city. One of the first things that you will notice about the city, is how it is marked by numerous churches. The most famous church is St. Paul’s Cathedral which you will find in the old town, it is a striking piece of architecture as it is built in a part Romanesque and a part gothic style. The ornate altars and tomb of Cardinal von Galen are definitely worth seeing. The altars were originally erected in the 12th and 13th centuries and the Cardinal St . Galen was sainted in 2005.  Due to its central location the Cathedral is easily accessible from your bus stop. If you would like to experience the work from a famous artist of our time, then you are in luck as Muenster is the home of the Pablo-Picasso museum which you can find in Druffelschen Hof. In this museum there are numerous paintings and sculptures from various Spaniard periods. The museum thus presents a unique insight into the life and works of the world renowned artist. If you would like to escape the bustling city life, there are many ways of doing this in Muenster. An ideal way to do this is to spend an afternoon or evening in one of Muenster’s theaters. There are various programs and performances taking place throughout the city, meaning that lovers of classical theaters will be satisfied, and also something for the younger viewers of the student city. Next to the theater you will find Muenster’s harbor and you will find the well known Wolfgang Borchert Theater at the so called Kreativkai. It is the Germany’s oldest private theater, and is well known beyond the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia, frequently playing remarkable and classic pieces of theater. Muenster is also associated with the breeding of horses of the same name. The museum dedicated to this interesting piece of history can be found in the “Allwetterzoo.” “Allwetterzoo” is one of the most famous zoos in Germany, with around 3,000 animals, a day out here would be enjoyed by all the family. After experiencing the amazing sights of Muenster, you can be sure that at the end of the day your FlixBus will take you safely from A to B!

Your Bus Stop in Muenster

Bus Stop Muenster bus stop (Hafenstraße)

<p>Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 1<br />
, 48153 Muenster<br />
, Germany</p>
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Muenster bus stop (Hafenstraße)

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 1
48153 Muenster

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Learn more about Muenster

Kultur und Geschichte in Münster

Culture & History

After your bus arrives in Muenster you can take a quick stroll to the old town. This is one of the heart’s of this district and you will find numerous cobbled streets with all different kinds of shops and boutiques offering high quality goods, from fashion shops to gourmet food. Muenster is also a city of history with its historical town hall that was the location of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, and was where, after thirty years, the end of the war was negotiated. 

Nachtleben in Münster

Nightlife in Muenster

Student pubs and bars with live music are popular meeting points for the student population of the town. As of 2006 one of Muenster’s industrial areas, Hawerkamp, has become a popular arts and cultural district area that is now internationally renowned.  The city has a vibrant nightlife with nightclubs and organized events such as cabarets and live performances, more reasons why you should take a bus trip to Muenster.