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Travel on a bus to the Czech Republic

The inland country of Czech Republic in the heart of Europe attracts thousands of travelers every year with its unparalleled charm. The capital Prague is absolutely the biggest tourist magnet in the country and especially loved by cultural travelers and those on weekend trips, but there is much more to discover.

Go on a city trip to Pilsen, Karlsbad or Brno, or discover the diverse landscape with numerous castles and hiking options along picturesque valleys on the Elbe and Vltava, in the Jizera Mountains or in Moravian Silesia. Book your ticket now and travel comfortably with a bus to the Czech Republic.

Charles bridge in Prauge

Plan your trip to the Czech Republic!

Why catching a bus is a good choice for your trip to Czech Republic

Centrally located bus stops

2 pieces of baggage included

Travel at no additional cost and without having to drag around an annoying suitcase. 

Centrally located bus stops

Centrally located stops

We bring you directly to the most popular vacation spots in Czech Republic.

There is always free Wi-Fi on board our buses.

Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy free Wi-Fi and power outlets during your long-distance bus trip to Czech Republic.

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