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Quick information about Bremerhaven

Bus ticket from € 7
Number of cities reachable directly from Bremerhaven 19
Number of bus stops in Bremerhaven 1
Country Germany

Tourist information on Bremerhaven

About Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven has a vast history dating back as far as the 9th Century. Over the course of recent centuries, the city has become one of the most prominent trade ports in Europe and the entire region has benefited greatly as a result. The “Church of Christ” is renowned for magnificent music concerts and a beautiful organ. Take the bus to Bremerhaven and end the week with what is sure to be a fantastic German Sunday. The “Historical Museum Bremerhaven” is not just one of the most popular and acclaimed Maritime museums in the world, but also an architectural hub. The museum will give our bus passengers an intricate insight into the maritime history of the city.

Things to do in Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven is one of the largest ports in Europe, however there's a lot more to this Northern city than meets the eye. The maritime city is developing a brand new face as the “Havenwelten,” directly translated as “Harbor Worlds,” . This constant renovation means that our bus passengers will be able to experience the biggest construction projects on the North-Sea Coast, thus making Bremerhaven a desirable hub for travelers, tourists and maritime lovers alike. The city also has a wide range of public parks, including a boat rental park ideal for a summer’s day. Be sure to visit the “Sculpture Park of Thiele” which is located in the Leherheide district of Bremerhaven. This park is the home of numerous sculptures and ponds, which you can explore when your bus arrives in Bremerhaven.

Culture and History of Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, and its surrounding villages, have a history stretching back to the 9th Century. The city has become, over the past centuries, one of the most important port trade cities in the world and has also played a large role in the emigration in Europe. The organ and music concerts of the city’s church, “Church of Christ” are definitely worth a visit if your bus trip to Bremerhaven will allow you to enjoy the city on a Sunday. At the bigger concerts you will find the chamber choirs and local, well established, orchestras. Not only this, but paying a visit to one of the city’s museums is also a must.  The “Historical Museum Bremerhaven” is not just one of the most popular and acclaimed Maritime museums in the world, but also an architectural hub. The museum will give our bus passengers an intricate insight into the maritime history of the city.

Nightlife in Bremerhaven

As a port city, Bremerhaven by night is a striking city. For maritime and non-maritime lovers alike, seeing some of the tallest ships in the world by night is a unique experience. Before hopping back on your bus home, you should try some of the delicious fish that the port city has to offer in one of the cafes or restaurants around the seaport. There are also other bars and cafes that create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a cocktail or two, such as the “Blatthaus Musikcafe.”

Interesting Facts about Bremerhaven

If your travel by bus to Bremerhaven in August you may be lucky enough to experience “Sail Bremerhaven.” This is one of the biggest maritime festivals in the world and is held every five years. Whether you are a sailor, a spectator or a bus traveler who wants to experience something new, then this International Windjammer Festival is for you! The city is also home to “The Alfred Wegner Institute Helmholtz Center (AWI)” is one of the biggest centers for climate control. This is one of the leading institutions for climate management, alongside Bremerhaven’s position in wind research, this port city is a research hub for climate and wind control.

Surrounding Areas of Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven is also surrounded by lakes and green spaces that you can explore after you have traveled by bus to Bremerhaven. The city is just a short distance from many holiday regions, such as Wesermarsch which is perfect for a getaway for all of our bus travelers – families, couples, tourists – as long as you are looking for some relaxation and to enjoy the beautiful waters that surround the town, then this is the place for you. Bremerhaven lies just 60km from the Hanseatic capital Bremen. So if you decide to choose your bus travel to the North coast, why not explore the vibrant and cultural city of Bremen too.

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