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Seat reservation price list

You now have the opportunity to reserve your preferred seat when booking your next trip with FlixBus. The additional fee depends on your selected option and the distance of your ride. Of course, if you prefer not to make a reservation, you are free to choose from the available seats in the free-seats area. Please note that there is only a limited number of reserved seats available, so reserve now and travel in greater comfort.

Seat categories

  • Panorama: Better view during your trip
  • Table: More comfort at your table seat
  • Classic: Seat of your choice

Seat fees

Currencies Code Short and medium haul* Long haul**
Classic Table Panorama Classic Table Panorama
US Dollar USD 1.49 2.49 4.99 2.99 4.99 7.99

* Short and Medium Haul: for distances below 310 miles
** Long Haul: for distances above 310 miles