Seat reservation price list

You can reserve your preferred seat when booking a trip. If no seat is selected, you’ll be automatically assigned one, or a seating rule may apply under a "first come, first served" basis. For group bookings, there is no guarantee all seats will be together unless you reserve the seats in the process. Availability and reservation fee vary depending on the route, line, seat category (aisle, window, row, or table), and time of booking.

Seat categories

  • Classic: a seat of your choice without the benefits below
  • Panorama: first row with a better view
  • Table: space and comfort with a table in front
  • Comfort: more legroom
  • Extra: enjoy some extra space by reserving your seat and the seat next to you*
  • Single: more comfort without a seat next to yours
  • Semi-bed: reclinable seat
  • Bed: fully flat reclinable seat

Pricing overview per seat


Currency Code Price range
Euro EUR From 0.99 to 9.99
US Dollar USD From 1.49 to 15.99
Swiss Franc CHF From 2 to 16
Czech Crown CZK From 9 to 178
Hungarian Forint HUF From 450 to 3,600
Norwegian Crown NOK From 15 to 80
Swedish Crown SEK From 15 to 80
Bulgarian Lev BGN From 2.99 to 19.99
Romanian Leu RON From 6.99 to 59.99
British Pound GBP From 0.99 to 8.99
Polish Zloty PLN From 2 to 30
Croatian Kuna HRK From 11.23 to 75
Danish Crown DKK From 10 to 70
Serbian Dinar RSD From 170 to 1,400
Bosnian & Herzegovinian Konvertible Mark BAM From 3 to 24
Albanian Lek ALL From 190 to 1,500
Ukrainian Hrywnja UAH From 19 to 198
Macedonian Denar MKD From 90 to 720
Turkish Lira** TRY From 5 to 60
Brazilian Real BRL From 3.99 to 59.99
Canadian Dollar CAD From 1.99 to 19.99
Chilean Peso CLP From 890 to 7,000
Mexican Peso MXN From 18.99 to 149.99


*Availability and reservation fee for extra seats vary depending on the route, line, the regular ticket price, and time of booking. Therefore, the table above is not applicable.

**Turkish Lira: the prices available are exclusive to trips outside Turkey. For national pricings, check out the General Conditions of Carriage (only available in Turkish).

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