The best destinations for a New Year's Eve celebrations in the US

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Ready for the biggest party of the year? The last night of the year always brings out the best outfits, most extravagant celebrations and the most joyful festivities. In case you are wondering: Where’s the best New Year’s event near me? Well, look no further. FlixBus brings you to the best places to celebrate the conclusion of the year and ring in the new year in the US. From day-time events over appetizers to desserts and the countdown to the big ball drop, we have gathered it all here. Kiss in the new year and get ready to sing Auld Lang Syne, when FlixBus brings you and your friends to the city and party of choice. Celebrate on the East or West coast or down South and end the year in style!

New York

New Year’s Eve in New York, what’s not to like? The city that never sleeps on the on night of the year, where everyone’s awake. Are you planning on going to Times Square to watch the ball drop on the stroke of midnight? You’d be sure to get a unique party celebration!

If you’re in it for the fireworks, you should go to Brooklyn Bridge and watch the fireworks above the Manhattan skyline. And if you’re in the mood for a bit of education along with the party, you can take a tour that concludes in the middle of the bridge. You can also take in the celebrations and fireworks in the beautiful Prospect Park with live music and a laid back vibe.

For an extravagant NYE go to the New York harbor and get on a boat cruise. You can enjoy the fireworks with live music, a dinner buffet and a bar that will help you make sure you’re not only surrounded by liquids. So, bring your best dress and a silly hat – the host supplies the decorations and sets you up perfectly for a great start to the new year!

A different type of New Year’s celebration could also be had at Coney Island, where you can enjoy the rides, while waiting for the final countdown. Enjoy the fireworks over the boardwalk. Enjoy the fun and games and spend the evening on the beach, but the Alliance for Coney Island have created a great tradition that will have you coming back for more! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


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Las Vegas

If you’re planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, buckle down, because you’re in for a wild one. The entire Strip will shut down all traffic and the biggest block party of the year can get underway.

Put on your best dress or silliest outfit and make sure you’re ready to party, because there’s no better place to do it than among the flashing lights on the Strip. For the fireworks you get a most extraordinary one, as the casinos coordinate their efforts to make the most amazingly choreographed display, you’ll ever see. If you want to party on a full stomach and have your dinner in a restaurant, book a table now, as restaurants will be filled quickly.

Do you want to go to an exclusive concert, show or event for the last evening of the year, Vegas got you covered!

New Orleans

If you are in for a jazzy New Year’s Eve, then take the trip to New Orleans. The biggest party takes place at Jackson Square. Sing, dance and drink and take part in the countdown to the drop of the Fleur De Lis at midnight. 

Of course, you can take your party to Bourbon Street, where you get LGBTQ events at the 800 block and people are dancing all over the place.

Do you prefer a quieter evening, but still with decorations and lights, beautiful dresses and funny hats, you can book a table for dinner at a nice restaurant. Perhaps, when your stomach’s full you will head out into the N’awlins night and ring in the new year.

Are you celebrating with kids and looking for a place, where the entire family can enjoy themselves? The Louisiana Children’s Museum hosts their annual Countdown to Noon. Games, entertainment, confetti and a soda-pop toast provides the kids (and childish adults) a fun day of celebrations.

Make sure to eat Hoppin’ John during the day. The black-eyed peas are thought to bring prosperity and good luck for the following year, as they represent pennies in the dish, especially enjoyed in the Southern States.

San Francisco

For a fun day in San Francisco before the festivities start in the evening, you can go ice skating on any of the outdoor skating rinks around the city. Enjoy a day of activity, before the party starts. You can also get a more culturally inspired experience by going to the Asian Art Museum. Between 11 AM and 1 PM you can take a swing at a 16th century, 2,100-pound Japanese temple bell. Get there early as the bell is only rung 108 times as it represents the “108 mortal desires that torment humanity”.

How about a nice NYE's dinner before the enjoying the best display of fireworks San Francisco has to offer. The Embarcadero waterfront fireworks are the best in the city. Celebrate the end of the year with thousands of others by the bay. If you don’t have a reservation with a view, then get there early and find your spot.

If you want to get closer to the fireworks, there’s also plenty of opportunity to go on a cruise for the entire evening. Look for a dinner cruise, party cruise or whatever you desire.

Los Angeles

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the City of Angels is not for the faint of heart. Ready your nicest outfit, engage your party gene and put on your best hat, because in L.A. New Year’s is celebrated in style. Grand Park, Downtown L.A. is the designated outdoor party site. Food trucks, live DJs and video installations lead up to the peak at midnight.

However, if you’re ready to loosen the purse strings a little, L.A. has more than a few parties ready for you. Discover one of the many clubs, dress accordingly and enjoy DJ sets or live music, glitter & glamour, cocktails & champagne! Or for an extravagant celebration, why not hop on a boat cruise party? Enjoy live music and dance the year away on the water with the best view of the fireworks over the Pacific Ocean! For a more low-key option, go to the bonfire at Dockweiler Beach and watch the fireworks display over the Marina del Rey.