Travel Agencies & Ticket Outlets

To sign-up as an agency, please write us an e-mail at with your contact information. We will send you all details to receive your credentials and start selling our tickets.

Become a FlixBus Travel Agent or Ticket Outlet

Sell tickets with FlixBus while earning commission and benefits! Become an official agent or ticket outlet and be one of the select local ticket hubs in your city. Whether you operate a travel agency, a hotel, a café or other business, we want to be where our customers are.  If you operate a business that aligns with our values and demographic, request an agency agreement with our team contact below and get started today!

All our ticket outlet retailers can be found in our travel agency finder.

Why FlixBus? Easy, transparent and rewarding commission.

As an official FlixBus agent or ticket outlet, you will see that selling tickets is easy! We will assign you a Booking and Agency Portal where you can find current available routes, the booking dashboard to secure new tickets, a history of your previous sales and commissions, and answers to commonly asked questions. Our portal makes the booking and reporting process fair and transparent. Additionally, our commissions are competitive, rewarding and easy to earn. With full support from our staff, we will help you get started with your first sale and increase your commissions over time, so your business is always growing. Request an agency agreement with our contact listed below!


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