Advertising Partners

FlixBus is the best way to reach your target group!

FlixBus has reinvented travel for over 100 million passengers since 2013. Advertising partners can benefit from FlixBus’ strong international brand.


What are the benefits of advertising with FlixBus?

We allow our partners to advertise onboard our green FlixBus fleet and directly reach their target group for an average trip duration of 4.5 hours. In this way, advertising partners have access to a young niche market that is difficult to reach using classic media advertising methods.


What would a partnership with FlixBus look like?

You use the advertising space onboard our long-distance buses and present your brand with attention-grabbing decals and banners on the side windows and folding tables.
Interested in advertising in at least 50 buses for three months or more? Contact us directly to learn how we can help propel your brand to the next level.

Advertising Contact

Media Sales Team


❕ Please only use this email for advertising partner inquires. Thank you!