A Better, Greener Way to Travel: FlixBus Rolls into Ithaca


+ FlixBus to begin service in Ithaca with direct express service to Binghamton and NYC

+ Convenient for students with stop near Ithaca College and Cornell University

+ Nearly 65% of FlixBus USA first-time users have never taken a long-distance bus before

ITHACA, NY, March 5, 2020 – FlixBus, America’s fastest-growing bus provider, is now available in Ithaca. Starting today, the tech-meets-travel company is connecting Ithaca to Binghamton and New York City with a direct express line, and on March 8th will begin a nightline service offering connections to Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. Today’s launch would also make it easier for more people to visit Ithaca, encouraging tourism and ultimately benefiting local businesses. Tickets are currently on sale with prices starting at $4.99.

“Ithaca has been on our roadmap for some time now, and it was recently ranked the #1 very small car-free city in the US,” said Head of Business Development at FlixBus, Joanna Patterson. “We’re proud of the trust that Ithaca city council has put on us by approving our stop and look forward to continue working closely with the city on this initiative. Our hope is to get students and residents alike to ditch their cars and see first-hand how enjoyable riding the bus can be.”

From March 5 through March 11, the stop will be located at 710 S. Meadow St. Ithaca, NY. Starting March 12, most of the schedule will pick up and drop off at 131 E. Green St., Ithaca, NY. Passengers will know which stop to go to before booking their ticket.

FlixBus is available in over 145 cities across the United States with daily connections in the Southwest, South, Northeast, Pacific Northwest and now Ithaca. A full list of cities can be found here.

An Innovative Take on an Old-Fashioned Industry

FlixBus continues to push the envelope in expanding what the bus-riding and booking experience entails. With amenities such as free Wi-Fi, power outlets at every seat, and a complimentary onboard entertainment portal, leaving the car at home never sounded better. FlixBus also allows riders to check in a bag for free, meaning that extra fee airlines usually charge is saved.

In 2018, FlixBus introduced the option to book tickets via Google Assistant voice control, the only long-distance bus provider to do so. Riders can research routes, check bus information and get answers to their travel questions by telling their Google Assistant talk to FlixBus”.

The Eco-Friendliest Long-Distance Travel in the US

FlixBus is known for its green initiatives, like offering carbon offsetting for trips, trialing buses with solar panels, and announcing plans for the first fuel cell powered long-distance buses. FlixBus also piloted America’s first ever electric buses on a long-distance line between San Francisco and Sacramento and plans to introduce these into its fleet when ready.

What many people may not know is that the conventional long-distance bus is the eco-friendliest mode of long-distance travel in the United States. But, for FlixBus, the status quo doesn’t suffice. Therefore, the global mobility provider has recently announced a Climate Neutrality Vision which aims for 100% CO2 neutrality by 2030 at the latest. FlixBus plans to make all bus, as well as all business-related processes, carbon neutral.

About FlixBus

FlixMobility is a young mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly travel via the FlixBus and FlixTrain brands. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, the startup has quickly established Europe's largest long-distance bus network and launched the first green long-distance trains in 2018 as well as a pilot project for all-electric buses in Germany and France. Since 2013, FlixMobility has changed the way over 100 million people have traveled throughout Europe and created thousands of new jobs in the mobility industry. In 2018, FlixMobility launched FlixBus USA to bring this new travel alternative to the United States.

From locations throughout Europe and the United States, the FlixTeam handles technology development, network planning, operations control, marketing & sales, quality management and continuous product expansion. The daily scheduled service and green FlixBus fleet is managed by bus partners from regional SMEs, while FlixTrain operates in cooperation with private train companies. Through these partnerships, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong international brand meet the experience and quality of tradition. The unique combination of technology start-up, e-commerce platform and classic transport company has positioned FlixMobility as a leader against major international corporations, permanently changing the European mobility landscape. For more information, visit www.flixbus.com