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How we hire


Please keep in mind that the recruitment process may vary according to the specific department and job you applied for.

General Questions:

a)  What does the interview process look like?

Our application process is easy and convenient. If you find a position that matches your interests and qualifications, simply create an applicant account and apply online for the position. This process takes no more than 3 minutes. Our recruiting team will then give you feedback about next steps, as soon as possible. If there are any questions from your side: do not hesitate to contact us! We want you to feel comfortable in the recruiting process at FlixBus.

If our recruiting team decides you are a good FlixBus fit, the next step is the stage in which you will be invited to a phone or video call to learn more about you and to introduce you to FlixBus. We will then discuss this conversation internally and decide on next steps. Please do not be disappointed if we decide not to proceed further in the interview process, as we receive many applications and often have a difficult time choosing with which applicants to proceed. If this position isn't the right fit, please don't be afraid to re-apply in the future! FlixBus is always growing, and your application may be better suited at another time.

Did you get an on-site interview invitation? In this case, we look forward to showing your our FlixBus offering and going more in-depth about FlixBus and the available position.  We want you to be as well-informed as possible about the opportunity.

The exact process during the interview steps may vary, depending on the department and level of the position.

b) I am invited to attend an interview. How can I prepare?

In the first interview, we want to get to know you better. There will be some general questions regarding your professional experience and interests. At this point, we want to see if there is a match between you and the position by asking some job-specific questions. Furthermore, an interview offers you the possibility to get more details about the job as well as the team. Please feel free to ask all questions you might have concerning FlixBus as an employer and the specific vacancy for which you are interviewing.

c)  What shall I wear in a personal interview?

At FlixBus, we have a casual dress code. Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

d)  What kind of documents are needed for an application at FlixBus?

Please send us your CV, cover letter, and any additional documents such as reference letters, transcripts, and certificates.

e)  Are the positions on the website up-to-date?

The positions on our homepage are currently available. Positions that are filled are removed from the homepage, as soon as possible.

f)  Who is the contact person if I have any questions regarding my application?

The contact person is always listed within the job ad. If you have any questions regarding your application, please email recruiting@flixbus.com. We look forward to answering your questions!

g)  I am interested in more than one position at FlixBus. Can I apply for multiple position?

You can apply for multiple positions at FlixBus. Just make sure to show us in your application that you meet all the requirements and could be the right person for the positions!

h)  Can I apply for jobs in foreign countries?

Yes! There is no difference between the application process in Germany and in our international offices.

i)  When can I expect feedback regarding my application?

As our recruiting team wants you to experience the best candidate journey we can offer, we try to give feedback as quickly as possible. The process can sometimes take more time due to high numbers of applications, changes in the position, holidays or other unforeseen reasons. Feel free to follow up with us regarding the process after allowing us some time to review your application.

j)  Shall I bring anything to the interview?

Please bring a copy of your CV and any other documents you may want to review. Additionally, you may want to be prepared to take notes during the conversation.

What makes working at FlixMobility special?

What makes FlixBus special?
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Work That Matters

Take responsibilities from day one on and help move the bottom line of the company. Every day you have the chance to bring your ideas and initiatives to life - that’s why we are always one step ahead.

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Unique Environment

Implement challenging projects that have an impact on the lives of people throughout Europe and the United States. Thrive in a vibrant start-up culture but also benefit from the experience of a global organization.

Drive & Growth

Challenge yourself with interesting and new tasks every day. Belong to an innovative, successful and fast-growing company with teammates around the world.

Even cheaper travel for groups of 3 or more

Team, Team, Team

Work with motivated, passionate and especially supportive colleagues. Enjoy an international, open-minded and friendly working environment.

FlixBus bus stop is just 10 minutes from Oktoberfest

Flexible Working Hours, Self-Directed & Organized Work

Take advantage of flexible working hours, complimentary healthy snacks and modern office.

The benefits of working at FlixMobility

FlixBus benefirts
Free rides with our buses

Free rides with our buses


Teamevent: FlixSki




Teamevent: FlixSummer


FlixSport (gym, yoga and many more)


Discounts for numerous online shops i.e. travel, fashion, electronic and many more

Office benefits

Office benefits e.g. fruits, müsli, coffee, tea and even free beer on fridays

Retirement plan

Retirement plan

Child care

Child care