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Bus Trips from Your College

Travel by bus directly from your college

Studying at college can be stressful at times. So, it is always nice to plan a trip to an exciting city or go home on the weekends or for the holidays! FlixBus provides you with convenient and affordable bus travel from stops near many colleges to cities across the Western United States. With many direct connections available, there will be no need for you to stop and change buses, ensuring that your trip is as convenient and comfortable as possible.

You could even take advantage of federal holidays and plan a long weekend with your friends in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix! Or why not visit your friends at other colleges during homecoming or football season? Check and see if you or your friend's college has a FlixBus stop below.

Experienced bus drivers will get you safely from A to B, while you relax in comfortable seats and take advantage of our free Wi-Fi, power outlets or our onboard entertainment system to finish your assignments or enjoy a movie before you start your vacation.

With unbeatable prices and convenient bus stop locations, catching one of our buses is the new smart way to travel. Planning a vacation away from college has never been easier! All it takes is for you to book your bus ticket online or in our FlixBus App. Thanks to our up-to-date bus schedules, real-time bus stop information and friendly bus drivers, the only things you need to worry about is what you are going to pack!

Bus Stops Near West Coast Colleges:

Catch a bus from college
Curbside stops at UCLA and USC

Catch a bus from your college in Tempe
Bus stop near ASU

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Bus stop near SFSU

San Diego Bus Stop
Catch a bus to SDSU

Catch a bus from college in Tucson
Bus stop near UA campus

Reno skyline at night
Bus stop near University of Nevada, Reno   

Discover Flagstaff
Bus stop near NAU campus

Downtown Sacramento
Bus stop near Sacramento State

FlixBus in Las Vegas
Bus stops near UC Riverside

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