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Vacation Ideas from FlixBus

Discover beaches in California
Discover the best beaches in California

Weekend getaways with FlixBus
Get inspired for you weekend break!

National Parks on the West Coast
Explore beautiful national parks on the West Coast

Things to do on the West Coast

Bus Travel – No Limits

Traveling by bus is so much more than transportation, it is a gateway to explore a new city, connect with your friends and make new memories. Since FlixBus brings you to many interesting cities in the Western United States, we wanted to give you some ideas for your next vacation. Do you feel like exploring some world-famous museums? Are you searching for the perfect outdoor getaway on the West Coast? We have countless ideas, recommendations and tips for you – all year round, for all occasions. Be inspired by our vacation ideas and book a bus ticket to your next dream destination.

Plan a bus trip during federal holidays
Take a vacation on a federal holiday

Amazing museums on the West Coast
Visit some of the best museums on the West Coast

Travel by bus from your college
Does FlixBus stop at your college?

Must see things to do on the West Coast

Travel the West Coast by Bus

Traveling by bus has never been more convenient than with FlixBus. With exciting destinations at your fingertips, FlixBus helps you to experience new cities and reconnect with old friends. Enjoy comfortable and easy bus travel between must-see cities on the West Coast at unbeatable prices. Whether you are planning a trip with your friends for Spring Break or looking to visit the next city on your bucket list, our vacation ideas provide you with great tips for the best spots to visit on the West Coast.

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