MeinFernbus and FlixBus Become One

FlixBus and MeinFernbus become one. Germany’s two largest bus service start-ups plan to pool their strengths to build a pan-European bus network. Over the next few months, Berlin-based MeinFernbus and Munich-based FlixBus will be connecting their national networks to create a comprehensive range of routes. Together with their 160 bus partners both companies aim to take Europe by storm.

Torben Greve, founder of MeinFernbus, said, “MeinFernbus and FlixBus – two German success stories – are now becoming one, which is good news for all passengers. Buses will soon be running more frequently, journey times will reduce, and tickets will still be the same great value. All thanks to what will soon become Germany’s best bus company.”

Jochen Engert, co-founder of FlixBus, said, “The teams in Munich and Berlin complement each other perfectly. MeinFernbus leads the way on the road, whereas FlixBus sets the pace online. We are pooling our strengths to achieve a shared aim and have our sights firmly fixed on Europe.”

While they each bring different strengths to the table, the success of the two start-ups is based on a similar business model: they both combine innovation with the experience and quality of their bus partners.

André Schwämmlein, co-founder FlixBus said: “Right from the start, the founders of both companies have aimed for rapid growth, a comprehensive route network, and partners as opposed to subcontractors. Our partners can now work with, rather than against, each other.”

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