Sport: a Cornerstone of American Culture

Sport is as much a part of American culture as its landscape, history, and entertainment, and topping the league of popular sports in the US are American football, basketball, and baseball. They're played and watched by millions of fans around the world. Did you know that FlixBus can take you right to the door of the most popular sport destinations? We make it easy to travel by bus to sport stadiums like Phoenix Stadium to see the Arizona Cardinals play football, the Staples Center in LA for professional basketball or AT&T Park for baseball action. With comfortable seats, free on board Wi-Fi, and great value prices, your bus-to-game journey ensures you arrive ready for the action.

Football: An American Tradition

College and professional football draws huge crowds in the US, but when you travel by bus to football games, you can enjoy a relaxed journey while avoiding traffic jams and parking queues. November is always a highlight of the college football season, making it the perfect time to take the bus to homecoming games around the country. While en route to your football destinations, you can watch all the pre-game action by using free FlixBus Wi-Fi to catch the College Game Day show.

Basketball: An American Game – A Worldwide Hit!

Leading up to the college and professional basketball seasons, you might be asking: which basketball games are near me? Take a bus to a rivalry game between professional teams like the Los Angeles Clippers or Golden State Warriors or plan for the championship finals in spring.

Baseball: The National Sport of the USA

With 30 professional baseball teams and a packed program of professional and college baseball games to choose from, be sure you pitch up in comfort at your favorite ballpark with a comfortable FlixBus ride. The major league baseball season runs from April to November, and you can book a FlixBus journey to get you to the games you want to catch live. For real sporting excitement, though, make sure to book a bus to Spring Training at Salt River Fields, Phoenix, Arizona in February.