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Visit the best Holiday and Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas in Europe this year!

Published November 22, 2019

Are you planning a tour of Europe during the Christmas holidays? Here we’ll bring you the best cities to visit, if you’re looking for the true Yule-tide spirit. With these recommendations, you can just chill and cruise to all the top Christmas markets on your European Christmas trip. You can take a break from researching your trip as we have done it all for you. Start your tour in Eastern Europe and we will give you take you to all the best cities to visit in Europe for Christmas.

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Travel to the best Holiday and Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas Markets in Munich, Germany

A view of the Christmas market with the Town Hall towering in the background

Munich has some of the best Christmas markets in Germany: from late November to Christmas Eve (and longer), the capital of Bavaria is lit by lights, echoing with music and scents that bring all the magic of Christmas to the city. The atmosphere of the Christmas fairs in Munich is truly fabulous, especially in Christkindlmarkt on Marienplatz: it is traditionally opened by the mayor at 5pm on the Friday before the first Sunday of Advent, and the whole square is lit up with over 2,500 Christmas trees. Inside it there are 140 stands where Christmas trees, themed decorations, toys, handicrafts made of wood and ceramics, as well as numerous delicacies can be purchased. Not far from Marienplatz is the Rindermarkt, the most famous crib market - you can find all the decorations you can think of here: the Christmas Star, the lamps, the figurines of little Jesus and the Three Wise Kings. If you are looking for something different, there is the Tollwood Festival in Theresienwiesen, which is perfect for buying presents, while you can enjoy concerts and events at the same time.

WHEN: November 27 - December 24 (Marienplatz); November 26 - December 31 (Tollwood Festival); November 25 - December 23 (Wittelsbacher Platz).

HOW TO GET THERE: With FlixBus you can easily reach downtown Munich from various European cities; our buses will leave you near the main station and from there you can take a walk or take public transport to the most beautiful Christmas fairs.

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Christmas in Prague, Czech Republic

View of a square with Christmas decorations.

Although Prague is one of the favorite cities to visit at any time of the year, during Christmas it becomes a truly magical place. The Christmas Fair in the Old Town is the most spectacular, but also the most visited. A special festive atmosphere is provided by concerts and dance performances. Kids can enjoy creative workshops, a miniature zoo and a variety of fun activities. The Christmas Fair offers handmade gifts, delicious food and beverages such as sausages, hot chocolate, brewed wine and of course - beer. The market is adorned with a large Christmas tree multicolored lamps, perfect for unique photos. For a spectacular view of the Prague Christmas Fair, climb the City Hall tower above the Astronomical Clock.

WHEN: November - January 6

HOW TO GET THERE: FlixBus offers many direct lines from Croatia to visit Prague. Get comfortable on one of our buses and get to the center of Prague, from where you can easily reach all points of interest by public transport.

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Christmas Markets in Vienna, Austria

Christmas sign on a square.

Every year the magic of Christmas turns Vienna into a festive splendor and there is no corner of the Austrian capital where you cannot feel the festive atmosphere with a beautiful maelstrom of lights, decorations, joyful songs live in concert from the Vienna Boys Choir and intoxicating scents of punks and Christmas sweets. There are several Christmas markets in the city that remain open until the New Year’s Eve, choosing the best is almost impossible; but here we suggest our favorites. One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in all of Austria is the Wiener Christkindlmarkt on Rathausplatz, right in front of the town hall, with over 140 stands, suitable for sightseeing, shopping for gifts or enjoying delicious food and hot drinks. Located between the beautiful Museum of Art History and the wonderful Museum of Natural History is the Christmas Village Maria-Theresien-Platz, so you can have your lunch or dinner in the most magical of settings. Historic residences - Schönbrunn and Belvedere castles, which made Vienna world famous, are also turned into fairytale christmas castles worth visiting during the festivities.

WHEN: November 12 - December 26 (Rathausplatz); November 20 - January 6 (Maria-Theresien-Platz); 23 November - 5 January (Schönbrunn); November 22 - December 26 (Belvedere Castle)

HOW TO GET THERE: With FlixBus you can easily reach the center of Vienna from many cities across Europe. There are several stations in the capital: choose the one that works best for you and head straight to the Vienna Christmas Markets.

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Christmas Markets in Strasbourg, France

Christmas decorations on a square.

Strasbourg is also known as "the Capital of Christmas." After almost 500 years of tradition, Christmas markets unite the entire city in a unique experience every year. One of the largest Christmas trees in Europe is in Kléber Square, and in Dauphine Square you can skate with your friends outdoors. Throughout the city there are around 300 stores that offer food, drinks and handicrafts. If you are travelling to Europe to visit a Christmas market this holiday, this is the one to go to. Here’s a few recommendations: The "bredele"-market, where you can get the typical Christmas cake of Alsace. Here you will find bredeles with gingerbread, butter, anise or even with almond cream. can savor all the varieties. The market of sharing, in Place Kléber. This market follows the tradition of leaving gifts under the Christmas tree; the citizens of Strasbourg can leave gifts under the tree, which will then be donated to charitable works. Take a walk to the stars! On the Quai del Bateliers, shooting stars, falling stars, glittering stars and all sorts of celestial lights will guide you through a romantic and magical tour of the historical architecture that make up this fairytale city.

WHEN: November 22 to December 30.

HOW TO GET THERE: Get off the FlixBus at Place de l’Étoile and just walk North towards the city center and enjoy the beauty of the city along the way.

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Christmas Markets in Nuremberg, Germany

Christmas market stand.

The Nuremberg Christmas market is known worldwide for its unique and festive atmosphere. The most charming and wonderful Christmas market is set up in the old city only to add to its beauty and tradition. The aroma of mulled wine (Glühwein), roasted almonds, gingerbread, and of course bratwurst conquers even the youngest. Take a tour of the enchanted city in a stagecoach, meet the Nuremberg Christkind In addition to all this, there is a special market only for children, where you can watch the children rejoice in the spirit of Christmas. The nearly 180 wooden stores give the Christmas market the name of "small town of wood and thread". Here you can buy the typical Nuremberg gingerbread, fruit leaves, candles and traditional toys, among many other things. Do you need a unique souvenir? You don’t have to look long to find the Nuremberg Prune Men, small figurines made from dried prunes and figs. Nuremberg's Christmas market stores compete to be the most beautiful in design. Since 1981, the 3 most beautiful booths will take the prize in gold, silver and bronze figurines. So, book the best hotel you can find in Nuremberg to get the Christkindlesmarkt-feeling. We’ll make sure to take you there.

WHEN: November 29 to December 24.

HOW TO GET THERE: Get off the FlixBus stop at Käte-Strobel-Straße in Nuremberg and walk towards the old city center.

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