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A FlixBus journey through California's historical monuments

Mission San Xavier in Tucson

Travel from Tucson, Arizona, to California in comfortable FlixBus style. Before leaving Tucson, a stroll around the Barrio Viejo with its colorful adobe buildings is a must-do on any itinerary. Your FlixBus journey offers a winning combination of affordable prices, comfortable seating, and on board WiFi. For further information, visit our Tucson homepage.

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Soak up California's historic atmosphere with FlixBus

Los Angeles Skyline at night

The city of Los Angeles, affectionately nicknamed the City of Angels, is a showcase of Southern Californian history. Journey through it at the Heritage Square Museum in Montecito Heights before continuing your FlixBus journey to San Francisco Bay.

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Travel with FlixBus from the Gold Rush to the Golden Gate Bridge

Sacramento State capital building

Founded way back in 1849, Sacramento is California's oldest city, a city that developed on the back of the Gold Rush. Dip into its fascinating history at Sutler's Fort. With its compact size, exploring the historical monuments of San Francisco is a breeze. The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the city's most iconic sight, while nearby is the Presidio, a former military post, and the Palace of Fine Arts housed in a building that evokes ancient Greece and Rome.

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