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The New Way to Travel: FlixBus Routes Begin in US May 31

FlixBus Leaving Las Vegas

With stops at college campuses and iconic landmarks, onboard entertainment, paperless ticketing, live bus tracking and more, FlixBus ushers in the future of mobility

++ Launch prices start as low as $2.99 for major interstate lines ++ Onboard Hollywood blockbusters, audiobooks and video games load directly on your device – without using your data plan ++ Never lose sight of your ride with live GPS tracking via the FlixBus App ++ Opt for the “CO2 Neutral” ticket when booking and ride with pride knowing your choice is supporting climate protection organizations like the National Forest Foundation ++ Stake out your favorite spot using our new seat reservations system  

LOS ANGELES (May 31, 2018) – The countdown is over and the first American FlixBus fleet is finally hitting the streets, starting with 180 connections across California, Nevada and Arizona. The momentous launch marks the 28th country of operation for the beloved German-born tech and travel pioneer – and the company’s biggest launch to date.  

FlixBus’ inaugural destinations include the region’s most popular hubs like Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix and others, offering one-way and round-trip routes in a luxury motorcoach at prices that often cost less than a coffee. After flourishing throughout Europe in five years’ time, advancing from market newcomer to the continent’s fastest-growing long-distance travel provider, today’s U.S. launch is the first phase of a larger plan to bring 1,000+ daily connections to the American west coast by year’s end. 

“If we’ve proven anything in the hyper-competitive travel markets of Europe, it’s that we’re survivors,” said managing director of FlixBus USA, Pierre Gourdain. “America is a different beast entirely, but we’re prepared to change people’s mindsets about mobility. We believe everyone should be able to get where they want to go in life, and we found a way to make that dream a reality, comfortably and affordably. This is just the beginning for FlixBus in the United States.”    

We Go Where You Go

Not only is our dynamic pricing structure allowing us to offer the best ticket rates, but our intuitive route network out-stops the competition, too. Gone are the days of waiting at a messy bus stop; instead, we pick up and drop off in centralized locations close to our passengers. From college campuses like UCLA and USC to major attractions like Caesars Palace and Disneyland, our priority is getting you to your next destination as conveniently as possible. 

Rolling Entertainment

Each FlixBus features a free state-of-the-art onboard entertainment system. Available to every person via the FlixBus App, our offerings are diverse to make the ride custom-fit your personal style. Watch the latest blockbuster movies, read from our database of books and magazines, listen to audiobooks while enjoying the landscapes, or get addicted to one of our video games…all without putting a dent in your wallet (or your data plan).

GPS Live Tracking

We might be in the business of buses, but we’re not a bus company. Another standout technological development we’ve deployed is live GPS tracking with a moving map to show where your bus is currently situated, your estimated time of arrival and directions on how to find your bus stop in case you’re unsure. Also available through the FlixBus App, it’s just another feature our robust team of developers (more than 200 techies in total) created to help our passengers revel in the journey. 

Travel Carbon Neutral

On top of buses being the most environmentally-friendly form of public transportation available, FlixBus passengers have the unique ability to offset their carbon emissions with CO2 Neutral tickets. When passengers select this option during the booking process, they support ecologically savvy efforts on the front lines of climate protection. For example, each CO2 Neutral ticket will help the National Forest Foundation plant trees to ensure the long-term wellbeing of our nation’s 193 acres of forests and grasslands. Every year, we also partner with a global compensation project, with 2018 focusing on providing energy efficient stoves to locals in Rwanda (details available here). 

“We have the chance to take up to 56 cars off the road with each FlixBus trip,” said Gourdain. “In terms of passenger miles per gallon, bus travel is widely recognized as the most sustainable way to travel. What’s more impressive to me personally is that FlixBus passengers are keeping the entire travel chain as green as possible. Seventy percent of our them choose to ride with us even though they have access to a car, with most people riding a bike or walking to the stop.”

1,000 Connections in 2018

FlixBus is already preparing to announce an additional 400 connections to follow the initial influx of green buses upon launch. By the end of the year, the company aims to have more than 1,000 connections across the western United States. Not only will this aid in increased tourism and cultural understanding, but FlixBus plans to create more jobs in the United States than what’s already been created in Europe. Putting that into perspective, current U.S. team aside, FlixBus has 1,200+ employees, 7,000+ bus drivers and the residual employment effects continue to ripple as tourism demands increase throughout the various communities FlixBus services. 

FlixBus USA tickets can be purchased online, via the FlixBus App or even onsite with bus drivers, depending on availability. For more information, visit www.FlixBus.com and follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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About FlixMobility

FlixMobility is a young mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly travel via the FlixBus and FlixTrain brands. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, the startup has quickly established Europe's largest long-distance bus network and launched the first green long-distance trains in 2018 as well as a pilot project for all-electric buses in Germany and France. Since 2013, FlixMobility has changed the way over 100 million people have traveled throughout Europe and created thousands of new jobs in the mobility industry. In 2018, FlixMobility launched FlixBus USA to bring this new travel alternative to the United States.

From locations throughout Europe and the United States, the FlixTeam handles technology development, network planning, operations control, marketing & sales, quality management and continuous product expansion. The daily scheduled service and green FlixBus fleet is managed by bus partners from regional SMEs, while FlixTrain operates in cooperation with private train companies. Through these partnerships, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong international brand meet the experience and quality of tradition. The unique combination of technology start-up, e-commerce platform and classic transport company has positioned FlixMobility as a leader against major international corporations, permanently changing the European mobility landscape. Further company news and pictures can be found in the newsroom.