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Become a FlixBlogger and earn money by writing about your trips!

You like to travel? You like to write? How about writing articles about the cities you'have visited for our FlixBus website? FlixBus offers you a freelancer contract to write articles about cities in FlixBus’ network that will be published on our website. And the best part is that you get rewarded for each purchased article!

  • Every month you write unique and original articles about destinations from our FlixBus network, offering travel tips to visitors on the FlixBus website in your native language.
  • FlixBus pays you a fixed price for each article you write; for every four purchased articles, you'll receive a FlixBus voucher for 2 free bus trips.
  • By selling an article to FlixBus, you grant exclusive usage rights, which are unlimited in time and without geographic restrictions to FlixBus.
  • When your articles are online, you are introduced as the author of the article with a short introduction and upon request, a link to a personal blog/social media page can be added.

Have a look at some of our writers' works here:

If you want to earn a bit of money, receive free trip vouchers or simply grow the visibility or your Instagram page or your travel blog, the FlixBlogger program is perfect for you!

We are looking for writers from:

  • USA
  • France​

Apply now!