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Our bus trips we will take you from city to city at unbeatable prices! Whether you are a commuter or a backpacker, simply search for the right bus route for you and buy your ticket with our easy online booking system.

Bus trips for the commuter or backpacker

Travel by bus throughout the whole country

Backpacker buses

Have you ever considered backpacking around Germany? And stopping off at Vienna and Prague, too? Has the thought of battling through crowds of people and trying to use train systems that you’re not familiar with stopped you? Well with our backpacker buses you can take a bus trip directly to every major city in Germany, and its neighboring countries, daily. With guaranteed space for your luggage, no changes, a guaranteed seat and complimentary Wi-Fi, it is certain that you will arrive at your destination relaxed and safely. Take one of our bus trips with our backpacker buses. Backpacking has never been so simple.


FlixBus brings you home safely

Although most commuters throughout Germany and Europe use a car, commuter buses are becoming more and more popular. So you are a student or an employee who must arrive punctually everyday; this is quite difficult to achieve when public transport does not always leave at its scheduled departure time. You want a simple, reliable way of getting from A to B - so FlixBus’ commuter buses are your solution.

Best prices

Bus trips are ranking more and more popular over taking the train, not only because of efficiency but also because of the low cost of a bus ticket – particulalrly appealing if you . When looking at the price of commuter buses and then with the train, bus trips are always cheaper. Other positive factors of taking the bus is the security. Although traffic jams on busy roads are unavoidable, our drivers are always informed in advance so that they can avoid traffic to ensure an efficient trip to your destination.

Travel throughout Europe at low-cost prices

Buses from €5

More and more people are starting to get to know the benefits of bus trips. Why take a crammed train when you can take a cosy one of our backpacker buses? Why pay hundreds of euros when you can book a bus trip from only €5? Whoever asks these questions is guaranteed to sooner or later choose a bus trip as their means of transport. With our bus trips, you will not only save with our critically cheap bus tickets, but you will also be far less stressed.

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Our city connections

Nuremberg – Wurzburg

Something that is a bit different for the commuter is the 76 mile bus trip from Nuremberg to Wurzburg. A train for this trip can take over an hour and would cost you up to €28. If you were to choose this same trip with one of our bus trips, it could take an 1 hour 30 minutes and at a price from only €5. A return train ticket would set you back nearly €60 so with one of our buses you can find the best price!

Mit dem FlixBus bringen wir Dich sicher nach Berlin

Berlin – Leipzig

The trip from Berlin to Leipzig, standing at a distance of around 118 miles, is not an attractive route for commuters – unless you travel with one of our commuter buses. When traveling by train, according to schedules for this connection and depending on what train you choose, it can take between 1 and 3 hours. There is also the annoying fact that you may have up to two changes during your trip. The price for a regular ticket is up to €36. Our commuter bus manages this trip comfortably in 2 hours, which is consequently up to an hour faster than by train.

Im Vergleich hat FlixBus die günstigsten Preise

Definitely worth comparing   

When making comparisons with other means of transport, traveling by bus is often the best option. With such a large price difference, commuters must have a very strong argument if they don’t take a bus trip! However it is not only our cheap bus tickets that convince commuters to take a trip with us. In comparison to a driving a car, taking the bus or car sharing, commuters also say they do not want to give up the comfort of a bus which offers an extra hour of sleeping, working or relaxing on board - definitely worth checking in any case.

Germany is traveling by bus

Zeit und Geld mit dem FlixBus sparen

Saving time and money

As a commuter, traveler or backpacker, one of our bus trips will not only save you money but will also save you a lot of time. Whether you are in need of one of our commuter buses, backpacker buses or you simply need get from A to B and back again as fast as possible, then our bus trips are perfect for for you. It’s becoming clearer as to why more and more people are choosing to travel with the efficiency of a bus instead of by train. Convenience is key.

Keep informed

FlixBus currently offers bus trips to every large city across Germany. If there’s a bus trip of your preference missing we will soon be adding it to our constantly expanding bus network. Is your desired connection not available yet? Our newsletter regularly keeps you informed about new bus routes, any alterations to departure and arrival times, and everything that you need to know about FlixBus and the bus trips you need!

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Fast and cheap buses

Commuter highlight

One of the highlights for our commuter buses in Germany is the commuting route from Kassel to Dortmund and Dortmund to Kassel. The distance is around 103 miles. According to public transport schedules, the train can take more than 3 hours. Also, you have two changes and the price of a single ticket costs up to €77. But you can do this route with our commuter bus - a travel time of only 2 hours and 10 minutes and the price of a ticket starts from €5!

The comparison

A distinct comparison which illustrates the time and price difference of traveling with FlixBus is our commuter bus trip Erlangen to Wurzburg, by train it takes on average 1 hour and 30 minutes. The ticket costs €32. You will also have one change on this trip. With FlixBus, you can arrive at your destination in just over an hour and tickets are available from €5. Saving you 40 minutes in time and around €50, when you choose a FlixBus trip.

Mit dem FlixBus fahren wir Dich Umweltbewusst an Dein Ziel.

Greener with FlixBus

For the most part, commuters will use cars even though it is much smarter and environmentally friendlier to take a bus trip. With FlixBus you will get from A to B feeling refreshed and relaxed. Traveling through Germany by car can be exhausting – for you and the environment. Therefore the decision to travel with one of our buses is always the right one! Every commuter and traveler knows the problems that come with traveling a long distance in an expected amount of time. Likewise, the cost of train tickets are also underestimated. Commuters often have to pay for their travel, and it is not common for it to be reimbursed by their employer and backpackers may desire to travel to many different cities. Then it all quickly adds up to a couple of hundred euros. And if there is an opportunity to prevent paying these high costs, then why wouldn’t you take it?! Instead you can take one of our commuter buses or backpacker buses and save up for a luxurious holiday or go on spa weekends from time to time. Even if you don’t commute every day, the savings of taking a bus trip is most definitely something to consider. Just compare – it’s definitely worth it.

Nie mehr überfüllte Fahrten. Wir garantieren Dir Deinen Sitzplatz

Goodbye to overcrowded trains

For many bus commuters, the bus route Nuremburg to Heilbronn, and vice versa is very interesting. For this round bus trip you must travel over 100 miles. By train this trip takes at least 2 and a half hours and depending on your choice of train can take up to 8 hours. The price of a normal ticket costs up to €50 and you may have to change up to two times. Here at FlixBus, we manage this as a bus trip in under 2 hours with a starting price from only €5. That means that for a return trip you are saving at least an hour in time and around €65. Our buses are easier, faster and at the best price. For those of you who regularly commute, you will notice that by the end of the first month of commuting with FlixBus you will have more money in your account! And who doesn’t want to save a couple of hundred euros each month? With this saved money you could go out for a fancy dinner or perhaps save for a mini break? This is a far more appealing thought than having to travel with an overcrowded train everyday and having to use vast amounts of your hard earned money to pay for it.

Our bus trips can keep up with any comparisons

We are happy to be of service.

Freedom and service

Leg room, free Wi-Fi, a snack bar or the freedom to go to the toilet when you wish, these services mean that you do not have to make any stops during your trip. Not to mention a reliable bus schedule. These are the advantages that taking bus trips through Germany and Europe offer.

Sit back and relax with extra legroom and reclining seats

Comfortable bus trips

Saving time, saving money and traveling with extra comfort so that you can arrive to your destination feeling calm and relaxed – bus trips offer you these advantages. By now, even the biggest doubter should start to understand why bus trips through Germany and Europe are becoming more and more fashionable.

Bus trips - an alternative means of transport

When thinking of the best way to travel through Europe, a bus trip is without a doubt the best option. With unbeatable cheap tickets you will save money. Our extensive route network means that you really can explore Europe. With many direct connections you don't even have to worry about changing buses and you really can just sit back and relax!

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